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Would the Bengals Be Better In the NFC?

June 18, 2009 by

The Bengals have been a team that has been very talented, but have failed to bring the great talent on the field on a consistent basis, whether that’s been not coming to play or players getting injured.

When you look at last season’s record you see a team that struggled all season to win games even against weak competition that they should have blown out of the water.

There is an interesting statistic from last season and it is against the NFC East teams. Against NFC East teams the Bengals were 1-2-1, which doesn’t look like much because they only have one win, but these are games you had to have watched.

Against NFC teams last season the Bengals went neck and neck with Dallas, Philadelphia, and the New York Giants. They played hard in these games and came close enough to scare each team in one of the most competitive divisions in the NFL.

The Bengals have been struggling the past three seasons, but one this remains is their success against NFC teams. They haven’t won them all, but have come down to the wire in their losses.

The division the dominated the most was the NFC North. In 2005 the Bengals were undefeated by NFC teams and caused an average 5 interceptions in each game they played against the Lions, Bears, Vikings, and Packers (quarterbacked by Brett Favre.)

The Bengals on the other hand haven’t won their division since that fantastic season, and have been embarrassing in the division because of their lack of strength.

Would it be better for competition if the Bengals were moved to the NFC North and a team like the Bears, who have been pretty good the last couple season, into the AFC North Division?

The Bears have a good defense, and like to run the ball which complements the AFC North’s toughness, and could be more exciting for fans to see.

On the other hand it would give the Bengals a chance for once to be in competition for the playoffs. Not only do I think they would be in competition, but I think they could dominate this division.

Instead of them only winning two games in their division, they would be able to win up to four or five.

Bengals have been working on their defense, but when you think of the Bengals you know Carson Palmer, Chad Ochocinco, and Chris Henry all offensive players.

When you think of Packers its Aaron Rogers, Vikings Adrian Peterson, and well you think of losing when it comes to Detroit.

The Bears player that first comes to mind is Brian Urlacher, and Ravens Ray Lewis. It would be the more appropriate switch, and it could help more viewers come to the games.

As a Bengals fan I look at the team the Bengals have and I have no idea how they don’t win at least nine games each season, but I look at some teams in the NFC getting into the playoffs with the same record as the Bengals.

You look at a division like the AFC East and there were three teams that should have made the playoffs.

I think the league should try to switch up the competition, not only with the Bengals, but with the whole league.

This will probably not happen, but it should be considered. There are other teams than the Bengals fans that had enough of watching their teams consistently one of the worst in the league.


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    2 Responses to “Would the Bengals Be Better In the NFC?”
    • Martin Shields says:

      alot of people would argue due to the Packers Bears games

    • Kyle says:

      That is something to consider, because the Bengals/Browns games are always big and the fans hate everyone in the division especially Pittsburgh

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