Why The Seahawks Are in Need Of a Real Face Lift Going Forward

September 26, 2009 by

The Mike Holmgren era was arguably one of if not the most successful era in Seahawks history.

Four straight division titles, five straight playoff appearances, one super bowl appearance and countless other player accolades.

Since 2005 when the Seahawks lost 21-10 to the Pittsburgh Steelers in super bowl 40 they Seahawks have steadily gone backwards and last year they took about two or three more steps back.

From that 53 man roster in the super bowl the Seahawks have lost the following players. LG Steve Hutchinson, C Robbie Tobeck, RB Shaun Alexander, WR Darrell Jackson, WR Joe Jurevicius, TE Jeremy Stevens, WR Bobby Engram, RG Chris Gray, DE Bryce Fisher, DE Grant Wistrom, DT Chuck Darby, DT Rocky Bernard, S Michael Boulware, CB Andre Dyson, CB Kelly Herndon, LB Isaiah Kacyvenski, LB Niko Koutouvides, OL Floyd Womack, CB Jimmy Williams, FB Leonard Weaver, TE Keith Willis, RB Marquis Weeks, WR Peter Warrick, WR Taco Wallace, WR Jerheme Urban, DT Marcus  Tubbs, DE Joe Tafoya, DT Ronald Smith, LB Jamie Sharper, RB Josh Scobey, P Tom Rouen, CB Etric Pruitt, DE Robert Pollard, RB Maurice Morris, TE Itula Mili, DE Bryant McNeal, S Marquand Manuel, WR Maurice Mann, LB Cornelius Wortham, S Ken Hamlin, K Josh Brown and about 10 others.

Here is the entire super bowl roster: http://www.wageronfootball.com/detroit_xl/seahawks-super-bowl-roster.html

The only players that are currently on the team that were also on the super bowl team are QB Matt Hasselbeck, S Jordan Babineaux, LB Leroy Hill, LB Lofa Tatupu, C Chris Spencer, LT Walter Jones, RT Sean Locklear, DT Craig Terrill, QB Seneca Wallace and RT Ray Willis.

That’s it. Let’s put that into perspective. As of now they have 20% of the super bowl roster left which makes 80% of that team gone else ware.

And most of those players were key in the regular season and in the post season like Alexander and Hutch.

The Seahawks big mistake is that they have not replaced those players once they left. Rob Sims is not Steve Hutchinson and Julius Jones is not Shaun Alexander.

In 2005 the Seahawks were 13-3 they Seahawks have finished with 10 wins or less and injuries and lack of having a complete team have really hurt the Seahawks.

2006: Seahawks 9-7

2007: Seahawks 10-6 (Hasselbeck played all 16 games and made the pro bowl)

2008: Seahawks 4-12

2009 so far: 1-1

SO what does this say about the Seahawks? Well it shows that they really don’t have a solution for winning when they have injuries or when they lose players to free agency ala Shaun and Hutch.

Now the Seahawks have another problem currently as well as going forward. That’s finding and sustaining an identity for the entire team.

Like the Titans, Steelers, Ravens are all known as defensive teams and they start from the defense and then have the offense be the balance and put up the points needed but that the defense is their identity.

The Seahawks don’t have that “identity” because they are not an offensive team. They are mostly a defensive team but they don’t have all 11 defensive positions filled out that they could be called a defensive team.

However this article is entitled “Why The Seahawks Are in Need Of a Real Face Lift Going Forward”.

What that means is they need to get the pieces soon to become that old super bowl contending team.

Now there is a difference between face lift and overhaul. The Seahawks are not in need of a overhaul or rebuild because for the most part they have the pieces they need but do need to fill the key positions which they lack at

Those positions being quarterback running back, wide receiver, offensive line, defensive line and safety.

Matt Hasselbeck is arguably the best quarterback in Seahawks history having led this team to its only super bowl but his glory days are behind him and they need to move on from the Matt Hasselbeck era as they did with Holmgren and Shaun Alexander.

The most likely scenario to fill the quarterback hole would be in the 2010 NFL draft with Sam Bradford, Colt McCoy, or possibly Jevan Sneed but the two front runners would be Bradford and McCoy.

Now at running back the Seahawks haven’t really had an identity at running back since 2005 when Shaun Alexander won the NFL MVP.

They have tried Maurice Morris, Julius Jones and now have also added Edgerrin James to the backfield but none of those running backs can really be what the Seahawks need to be an explosive offense and that’s a back like Matt Forte or Adrian Peterson or Chris Johnson.

The same scenario for running back, just like the quarterback is to draft one in the 2010 NFL draft with Jahvid Best being the best running back available to fit the Seahawks mold for a running back.

Wide receiver is really just getting rid of Deion Branch and putting rookie Deon Butler in his spot. They don’t really need another top notch wide out because of TJ Houshmandzadeh.

Offensive line will really depend on how the shifting will go throughout the season and also with injuries.

LT Walter Jones will most likely retire this off season so they will need someone to fill his shoes. Seahawks GM Tim Ruskell has tabbed RT Sean Locklear to become the future LT after Walter Jones retires and that is probably the best option.

Drafting a top OT would take away from drafting bigger needs like QB, RB and S.

The only remaining hole on the Seahawks other than their poor luck in the injury department is at safety.

Right now the Seahawks have Jordan Babineaux and Deon Grant at FS and SS. A lot of people have said that the Seahawks should draft either Eric Berry or Taylor Mays.

Well if the Seahawks go with their draft motto and Berry returns to Tennessee then they can wait a year and draft a safety in 2011.

I like having Babineaux at FS but I think he needs a full season at the position before he can be judged. Most likely if the Seahawks pickup a safety it will be in the second round.

So to sum it up for the Seahawks. They will need to address the key positions at QB, RB and OL this off season before they should think about having a playoff run.

Here are a few draft scenarios for the Seahawks with their first three picks. Two first rounder’s and a second round pick.

Bradford/Best/Reshad Jones

McCoy/Best/Ras-I Dowling

Berry/Best/Max Hall

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