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Why The 2004 Peyton Manning Is Better Than The 2007 Tom Brady

August 2, 2010 by

There’s many debates in the National Football League. Some debate why Tom Brady is better than Peyton Manning or why Tom Brady is better than Peyton. Here’s a little blurb opinion from myself on this topic.

Peyton Manning can play up until he is like 43 years of age and he has nine years to win a couple more championships. Can we say that he can win at least one or two more Super Bowls? Yes. Can we say he can surpass Brett Favre in statistics? Definitely.

Tom Brady, after being hit by that injury in 2007, now seems like he can play up until he is like 37 now. His career will fall short soon. Can he win a couple more Super Bowls? Maybe. Can he surpass in statistics? Definitely not.

Manning can easily surpass Brady in Super Bowl wins, and that will not take much. Many have already been saying that Manning will be the number one quarterback of all-time in a few years. Manning is a four-time MVP while Brady is only a one-timer. Brady would not have had those stats if it weren’t for his supporting cast on both sides of the ball.

And that is why we get into this debate of why Manning’s 2004 season was better than Brady’s 2007 season.

First of all, Peyton Manning did not have a good supporting cast. The Indianapolis Colts’ defense ranked 19th in the NFL. It was all Manning when you looked at it. He was the one that truly helped this offense. He helped three receivers get 1,000 yards or more plus ten touchdowns or more.

These guys were Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne, and Brandon Stokley. When you look at it, Manning helped made these receivers to what they are today. Harrison and Stokley have largely improved compared to a season before they played with Manning to the season they finally did play with Manning.

Manning also had only one Pro-Bowl offensive lineman that year with Tarik Glenn. All-in-all, the Colts finished with a 12-4 record while Manning had 49 touchdowns and ten interceptions.

As for Tom Brady, the New England Patriots were stacked everywhere. The Patriots were ranked number one in total offense like the Indianapolis Colts in 2004. But the Patriots, however, ranked fourth in total-defense. Tom Brady had everything you could ask for with Randy Moss, Wes Welker, and Donte Stallworth. Now I do have to give Brady credit for making Welker what he is today, but Stallworth and Moss were already known as one of the top receivers coming to New England.

I recall that the Patriots also had more than one offensive lineman making it to the Pro Bowl. If it weren’t for the Patriots running up the score towards the ending of games, Brady probably wouldn’t have had 50 touchdowns. Manning got it the right way and earned it. Brady didn’t. They ran up the score towards the end as they kept passing and passing and passing. Manning helped Edgerrin James get 1,000 yards rushing while the Patriots didn’t have a single 1,000-yard rusher.

Many also say Brady made David Givens and Reche Caldwell. I have to give the credit for Brady with Givens and Deion Branch. But Caldwell? Seriously. I hear from many Patriots’ fans that Brady helped Caldwell get 60 catches. The only reason why is because Caldwell played a full-16 games. Before coming to New England, he never played 16 games total. You can’t give Brady all the credit. It’s like saying that Mark Sanchez deserves all the credit for the New York Jets’ successful run in the 2009-10 season.

All-in-all, Manning got it the right way and the well-earned way. I know there are going to be many disagreements, so let the hating begin. Patriots’ fans, let your hate begin.

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    7 Responses to “Why The 2004 Peyton Manning Is Better Than The 2007 Tom Brady”
    • Jeremy says:

      Or how about the fact that peyton didnt even play that last game and a half of the 04 season while brady played the full 16. Peyton could’ve had 60 that season if he wanted. probably still could

    • Josh Dhani says:

      Solid point

    • Sarge says:

      We can agree to disagree about those particular seasons. However, Brady’s body of work is better for a number of reasons. Sure, Manning (aka Dan Marino) has the stats but Brady (aka Montana) won titles with less – Patton, Branch, Brown, etc. Manning has had several first round draft choices for weapons – Harrison, James, Clark, Gonzalez, Addai, Wayne, Brown, etc. Brady has had 1 “real” year with Moss and Welker in which he threw those 50 TD’s. Last year he was still recovering from the knee injury. What would Brady had done with Moss and Welker for the time that Manning had Harrison, Wayne, and Clark? Brady, a better teammate, has taken less money – not just restructured but taken less, Manning has always taken his full amount. Brady has never thrown his teammates under the bus like Manning did after the playoff loss to the Steelers in ’05 – “we had protection issues”. Compare career playoff numbers at – Brady’s are better when it counts. Don’t be so sure Manning will get those rings. Odds become greater with every game that he is due a serious injury. Plus, if he hasn’t won with the talent he has had what does he need to win? Oh yeah, DEFENSE but the Colts continue to give him weapons in the first round. Manning should have 4 rings by now, but HIS failures to perform in the post season has prevented that. Finally, Brady would raise his hand to disagree with you but those 3 rings and that 18-1 season that came within 35 secs of a 4th ring are too heavy to lift. Oh, and by the way, how big of a scar on Mannings career will that late game pick 6 in last year’s Super Bowl leave? Ladies and Gentleman of the jury, I rest my case. Absolutely, DELUSIONAL, to think that Manning hasn’t had help around him.

    • Dennis Keefer says:

      Manning has always had better weapons around him than Brady. that’s something that needs to be considered.

    • Freddie Flintoff Sledges the West Indies (Cricket)…

      Very interesting post, I’ve added a Trackback to it from my blog :)…

    • Squat says:

      True Manning had better weapons around him, BUT Brady had the defense needed to win. Offense wins games, but Defense wins championships. Switch the teams and I would put money on it that Mannig would have more rings than what Brady got with the same teams.

      And @Sarge. Every playoff game the Colts have lost in the last 5 years has not been all on Manning. In ’05 the Colts missed a field goal to ti the game VS the Steelers. ’06 they won it. ’07 and ’08 the defense failed to show up. Manning didn’t get to see the field in over time vs the Chargers in ’07 and in ’08 the D let the Chargers’ back-up QB and RB roll over them. And in the SB this last season in the second half the Colts D could not get presure on Brees leting him all day to pick apart the coverage. Other than the pick in the SB Manning was tearing apart the Saints D. The same D that completely distroyed Brady when they played each other in season

    • Don says:

      if you compare their numbers they are so darn close that it really is impossible to tell who is better, meaning that this debate will probably not be over till both are retired and we can look at some definitive stats… that being said there is no denying that peyton manning has had the better weapons throughout his career (harrison > branch, wayne > givens, clark > graham, james > smith or dillon or maroney, and EVERYBODY > caldwell…) and the one season that brady finally had some stars to throw to he put up record numbers… but there also is no denying that the pats have had a better defense so one could argue that brady had the upper hand in the super bowl department because of that… there are certainly arguments either way so it should be fun to see how the next few years pan out (and i think we can all agree that both these players are better than brett favre!)

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