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Why Failing to Pursue Donovan McNabb Is a Slap in the Face to 49er Fans

March 26, 2010 by

Earlier this offseason, I wrote an article stating that upgrading the quarterback position wasn’t necessary for the San Francisco 49ers.

However, that piece was written before the Philadelphia Eagles confirmed they were looking to shop star quarterback Donovan McNabb.

Recent reports suggest the Eagles may not be expecting much more than a second or third round draft choice in return. And yet it feels as if the 49ers aren’t one of the main teams interested in his services.

Because Alex Smith and David Carr are so much better?

As I’ve stated in the past, giving Smith a second chance to prove his abilities under the same offensive system for two straight seasons was an understandable route for the 49ers.

But after dishing out six million dollars to Carr to be a “backup,” the 49ers obviously don’t have much faith in Smith’s capabilities moving forward.

And with McNabb on the market at a bargain price, the 49ers should clearly be interested in his services.

After all, it is not everyday that a top-10 quarterback becomes available.

Not only would McNabb be a tremendous upgrade for San Francisco, but acquiring him would also prevent him from being traded to division rival Arizona who is also in the market for a starting quarterback.

Currently, the 49ers are the NFC West favorites with the way the offseason has unfolded thus far. Kurt Warner retired, and the Cardinals traded away Anquan Boldin to the Baltimore Ravens. Just like that, two big time play makers for the Cardinals won’t be returning.

Yet, so far this offseason, the 49ers haven’t made a single significant upgrade. Besides signing Carr, the only moves the 49ers have made are resigning veteran offensive tackle Barry Simms to a 1-year deal and signing free agent cornerback Karl Paymah. I know what you’re thinking, who is Karl Paymah?


The 49ers were 8-8 last year, haven’t made the playoffs in seven straight seasons and have numerous holes to fill in order to truly become a competitive playoff team. Can all of their holes be filled in the upcoming draft? Possibly, but rookies are never a sure thing, especially with the 49ers.

Therefore, bringing in an established player at a position of  need via free agency or the trade market would be a better route to go than simply hoping to strike gold in the draft.

Is that why Scot McCloughan mysteriously parted ways with the 49ers? Former San Francisco GM “mutually” parted ways with the franchise just a couple weeks ago. Could it be that McCloughan wanted to spend money but ownership didn’t?

Perhaps Jed York and company didn’t see player personnel needs the same way. While reports will say McCloughan decided to leave for personal/family reasons, that probably isn’t the case. I mean if that were true, wouldn’t it have made more sense for the GM to step away right after the season ended rather than so close to the upcoming draft?

The 49ers are holding this matter extremely close to the vest and their unwillingness to state the true reason behind the decision is extremely odd.

If McCloughan actually had some health concern or truly did want to spend more time with the family, why wouldn’t he let the 49ers release that information to the public? McCloughan ought to know how much this team means to the fans, who deserve not to be kept in the dark on critical decisions.

Those fans are expecting a playoff birth this season. And a trade for McNabb would only increase the likelihood of that happening. And with the rumored asking price being as low as it is, the 49ers would be insane not to pull the trigger.

Yet, nobody in the media is suggesting McNabb is even on San Francisco’s radar. How can this be? The 49ers have proven commodities at every single skill position except quarterback and when one becomes available on the trade market, the 49ers are nowhere to be found?

Bizarre. Donovan McNabb against Giants

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    7 Responses to “Why Failing to Pursue Donovan McNabb Is a Slap in the Face to 49er Fans”
    • Jason in Ohio says:

      Thank you for being the first to write an article that makes sense. I keep reading these jokers write that it would be a mistake to bring on anyone to replace Smith because it would disrupt the system. I have no idea what system they are talking about.

      The Niners were, not a top notch but, solid QB away from making the playoffs last year – period (6 losses by a touchdown or less). McNabb is, as you say “top 10” caliber. When Smith did come on his stats were a little bit better (than what I don’t know), but he did not seal up games. He still had the “deer in a headlight” look in the pocket and did nothing special under pressure. If the Eagles are offering up D-Nabb for a second round pick – we are fools not to grab him. We have too many draft picks not to trade one away. Our track record is no good in the draft any way. Aside from Frank Gore and winning the Crabtree lottery – Niner instincts stink in the draft! I’d take the proven performer over an Alex Smith led team in a Jimmy Raye “system”. Any analyst who would argue otherwise belongs in another line of work.

    • Andrew Bensch says:

      thanks for the kind words jason.

      yeah i just dont get the 49ers anymore. Tons of needs to fill, and theyve done nothing at all except make minor moves so far this offseason.

      i was all for giving smith a chance but not with McNabb available

    • bryan choms says:

      I like McNabb, I think he is still a star. And with no salary cap this year, I don’t know why the Niners wouldn’t take him for one year and see if they can go on a run.

    • L Wyatt says:

      God I miss Eddie DeBartolo. This makes me miss his ownership even more – I believe he would have done what Jed York is failing to do. Get our star reciever a star QB!!

    • Andrew Bensch says:

      @ bryan: McNabb has at least 2 years left if not 3 or more. Get him a good oline, you can have a niners team that can compete for that sixth super bowl.

      and if all it costs is a second round pick and maybe throw in a fifth to sweeten the deal, thats a bargain.

      @ L Wyatt: Exactly, i dont understand the way the 49ers are handling this team. Not all their holes can be fixed through the draft and they have yet to fix any of their holes thus far through FA or the trade market.

      its a head scratcher for sure.

    • James says:

      Why are all of your articles “Why _____ means ____”? It’s not so much a complaint, just a random observation that could turn into a complaint.

    • Andrew Bensch says:

      i guess a lot of my articles here have started with Why…

      you could leave the why out but usually i include it to demonstrate how im gonna prove the point and not just say it and move on.

      ill try and change it up for next time.

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