Who Would You Want?

June 9, 2009 by

While surfing the NFL and Texans’ sites I ran across this question poised on the Battle Red Blog website ( I believe by Transient Texan ) and thought it was an excellent diversion at this time of the year.  So here is your mission, should you decide to accept it.  Who would you want under center for your team?

The obvious choices are of course Payton and Brady, but if you remove those two from the list, which active QB would you want.  Since I am a serious Texans fan I had to do some deep soul searching and research to come up with a QB that I could see making the calls for the offense.  I finally decided that it would have to be Drew Brees.

Of all the good/bad/indeferent QB’s in the league, Brees is the only one, besides Payton and Brady, who has the arm strength and touch to throw to Andre Johnson and has the experience to go with it.

So there it is football fans, a question that should get your mind racing and your imagination in overdrive.  Imagine how good your favorite team could/would be with ________ as the signal caller.  Have fun with it.

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    4 Responses to “Who Would You Want?”
    • skyler thompson says:

      I think I’d take Big Ben if I could have any qb, though I see what you’re saying about his style of play for the texans. Brees isn’t a bad pick but he hasn’t won anything even though he’s had just about as much talent in N.O. as Houston has. So I’d take Big Ben.

    • Mike says:

      I agree with Skyler. Big Ben has already won two Super Bowls early in his career. That’s an impressive feat. Peyton is an incredible quarterback, but he still only has one ring.

    • Jeff says:

      I would take Matt Ryan. He is new, has a lot of time in his career and has shown real maturity and poise in the field already. Definitely a long-term franchise quarterback that I would want on my team.

    • Exsquid says:

      I do like Big Ben but from what I have seen he doesn’t appear to have the overall touch on the ball that Brees does. As far as the number of rings go just remember that Dan Marino doesn’t have any but still is considered one of the best at the game. Still, as far as toughness goes Big Ben does have what it takes.

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