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What Panthers Owner Jerry Richardson Really Wanted to say in His Letter

December 13, 2010 by

Do you really believe Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson meant what he said in the letter he sent this week to the PSL owners? I think Richardson feels bad for the product he has put on the field this year and felt he needed to send something to the fans to let them know that he feels responsible for such a horrible team.

It was the right move by Richardson to write this letter to the fans; most sports owner would never think to do something like this.

Here is what Richardson really wanted to say in his letter:

I know a lot of you loyal fans are starting to question my commitment to winning, and I can’t blame you. I know your buying full-price tickets to watch a half-rate team. I know I should give you a partial refund, but that is something I cannot do at this time. There are many reasons why the 2010 edition of the Carolina Panthers is bad, but the biggest reason why you are watching a terrible team is money.

After last season, I was looking to cut costs this season so I told our staff not to re-sign any of the key players that were important parts of our team. Did I think we would be this bad because of that? No. I thought we would be a mediocre team, but never in my wildest dreams did I think we would be the worst team in the NFL.

As a fan, you’re probably asking how I am going to fix this situation and make it right. After this season, we will look for a new head coach and GM to move forward with. We will pick Andrew Luck and build the team around him. I can’t promise we will win the Super Bowl next year, but I can promise that I will never be cheap when it comes to paying quality players to come to Carolina.

I sincerely apologize for this season and will do everything in my power to bring a winner back to Carolina.

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    One Response to “What Panthers Owner Jerry Richardson Really Wanted to say in His Letter”
    • Dave Hollifson says:

      I like this article, I like the thought and intelligence to it. But do you really think the Panthers would pick Luck one year after picking Clausen?

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