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Week Three Preview: Green Bay Packers @ Chicago Bears

September 25, 2011 by

The Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers will meet for the 183rd time ever today. The rivalry between the NFC North foes has been going on for over 90 years.

The Bears lead the all-time series 92-84-6. The Bears went 1-2 against the Packers last season.

The latest loss was in the NFC Championship, the Bears allowed the Packers to beat them at Soldier Field. This will likely be a game of redemption between the two NFC North teams.

Bears coach Lovie Smith is 8-7 all-time against the Packers, while Packers coach Mike McCarthy is 6-5 all-time against the Bears.

Bears QB Jay Cutler is 1-5 all-time against the Packers. In those games Cutler posted a 55.9 completion percentage, 1219 yards, five touchdowns, 10 interceptions and a QB rating of 62.5.

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers is 5-2 all-time against the Bears. In those games Rodgers posted a, 67 completion percentage, seven touchdowns, five interceptions and 234.4 yards per game. The 234.4 yards per game against the Bears is about 30 yards less than his career average.

The Bears offensive line hasn’t been great so far this season allowing 11 sacks in their first two games. Frank Omiyale is now in for rookie Gabe Carimi at right tackle and Chris Spencer is now in for Lance Louis at right guard. So stability is a big question upfront for the Bears.

The line needs to give Cutler ample time to get the ball off because the best way they could win might be through the air. The Packers are without safety Nick Collins for the rest of the season.

If Jay Cutler has time expect him to look in that spot where Collins was good looks could come for the Bears. The Packers bring blitzes from all over. Corners come from the side, Clay Matthews and other linebackers come up the middle. The Bears need to be aware of all the heat the Packers will bring.

Creating turnovers and running the ball effectively on offense is always the Bears mentality, so if they can do both of those key things they will improve their chances of winning.

RB Marion Barber has been ruled out with his calf injury. Lance Louis (ankle), Chris Harris (hamstring) and Roy Williams (groin) are all questionable. Safety Major Wright (neck) and Gabe Carimi (knee) won’t suit up for the Bears today.

Players Who Must Step Up:

1) Brandon Meriweather– He got his first start as a Bear last week and will get another shot at starting this week, likely opposite Craig Steltz. He will need to be effective on defense today because the Bears secondary is changing as much as the shaky offensive line.

Projections: 7 tackles, one interception.

2) Roy Williams- The Bears need Williams (groin injury) to play well, Devin Hester saw was double covered a lot of the times last week. Look for Williams to potentially have a big day against that weak Packers pass defense.

Projections: Five catches, 64 yards.

3) Lance Briggs- He needs to make some big plays for the Bears, he got beat on a pass in the redzone last week in New Orleans. He won’t be the only Bears defender fired up today.

Projections: Nine tackles, one sack.

Who will win?

Bears 24, Packers 20.

It should be a party cloudy day today at Soldier Field with the temperatures in the low 60’s. Expect another great Bears-Packers game added to the already long book of games. It doesn’t get much better than this.

For Bears news on Twitter, follow @Bearsbacker.


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    One Response to “Week Three Preview: Green Bay Packers @ Chicago Bears”
    • dennis halters says:

      bears need to run the ball more! packers didn’t have to even think twice about what plays they were calling on sunday.

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