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Week 11 NFL Power Rankings, Chicago Bears Edition

November 16, 2010 by

Here are the week 11 Bears power rankings from various sites around the web:

ESPN: #17 (Last week: 19)

Analysis, “The “Monsters of the Midway” are second in the NFL in points allowed per game (16.2).”

Fox Sports: #11 (Last week: 13)

Analysis, “From watching this team every week, you don’t get the picture that they are a great team, but they are finding a way to win. The Bears can’t seem to run the ball well, but they are putting it all on Jay Cutler to make plays every week, and he’s mostly coming through.”

Fanhouse.com: #12 (Last week: 16)

Analysis, “People keep sleeping on the Bears, and they keep winning football games. They were dominated for large parts of the Vikings game, but kept Minnesota out of the end zone when they needed to, and got some plays from Jay Cutler to make people forget about his horrifying end-zone interception.”

Pro Football Weekly: #12 (Last week: 18)

Analysis, “Offensive line kept a mostly clean pocket for Cutler.”

SBNation.com: #12 (Last week: 18)

Analysis, “Just how good is this team? They have games against the Dolphins, Lions and Vikings in the final seven games so if they win those, and find a way to win another one, this could be a 10-win team.”

WEEI.com: #15 (Last week: 16)

Analysis, “The Bears finally demonstrated Sunday they are capable of having a balanced offensive attack. They threw the ball 35 times and ran the ball 38 times. This change in offensive strategy helped them match the most points they’ve scored all year and was the main reason they were successful against the Vikings.”

Check out Bears week 10 Report Card

Jake Perper is the creator of www.BearsBacker.com and also covers the Bearsforwww.NFLTouchdown.com andNFLBlogblitz.

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