The Top 13 Quarterbacks in the NFL

October 21, 2009 by

Two things about this Top-Seven QB list:

a.) Because it deals with the game’s sexiest position, we’re going to expand it to Top 13.

b.) Relevant factors include “everything up to this point”. Thus, a player’s entire career, including what he’s done in 2009, is taken into account. But it’s  not strictly about who has had the best career or best ’09 season. It’s simply, All things considered, who is the best right now?

13. Donovan McNabb, Eagles

If he retired today, he’d take Andre Reed’s spot as the most debated Hall of Fame candidate in football.

12. Aaron Rodgers, Packers

Has all the tools to be great and, so far, is passing the impossible test of replacing a legend.

11. Joe Flacco, Ravens

In three years, will almost certainly be in the top five on this list.

10. Jay Cutler, Bears

Leadership skills will ultimately determine his career.

9. Matt Ryan, Falcons

Apply Joe Flacco comment here, as well.

8. Philip Rivers, Chargers

Has elevated his play as San Diego’s run game has declined.

7. Kurt Warner, Cardinals

Only player in NFL history to top 13,000 yards passing for two different teams.

6. Eli Manning, Giants

The main reason why New York’s expected receiving woes have been non-existent this season. Has a penchant for late-game heroics.

5. Brett Favre, Vikings

Track record speaks for itself. And if he keeps on his current path with Minnesota, 2009 could actually be the best season of his career.

4. Drew Brees, Saints

Doesn’t have the playoff credentials of other men on this list, but put in the coaches film and you see a near-flawless passer.

3. Ben Roethlisberger, Steelers

Two rings already, plus he’s transforming the black-and-blue Steelers into a pass-happy powerhouse.

2. Peyton Manning, Colts

1. Tom Brady, Patriots

This debate could very well go on forever. In fact, if Manning wins another ring and Brady continues to post big numbers, it’s likely that in 20 years the prompt for this debate will be “Who is the greatest quarterback of all-time?”

Finishing out the Top 20……

14. Carson Palmer, Bengals

15. Tony Romo, Cowboys

16. Matt Hasselbeck, Seahawks

17. Matt Schaub, Texans

18. Kyle Orton, Broncos

19. David Garrard, Jaguars

20. Matt Cassel, Chiefs


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    13 Responses to “The Top 13 Quarterbacks in the NFL”
    • Martin Shields says:

      wheres jamarcus russell? hes GREAT

    • […] is a ranking of the top 20 quarterbacks in the league.  I don’t agree with the ranking necessarily but I do appreciate the effort.  […]

    • Mike says:

      flaco better then rodgers? cutler better then rodgers?

      this is a joke.

    • […] Donovan McNabb’s career (other than the Terrell Owens saga), the Philadelphia Eagles have never had that true No. 1 […]

    • I don’t know why drew brees is not getting his earnes respect. After tonite all will be decided. Also I don’t remember him raping any woman .Ray Lewis was involved in a double murder and every sunday he’s become this leader. As for the manning boys, there time is just about up. Matt ryan will get his just desserts tonite in tha dome.l

    • joshua says:

      Romo 15????

    • James Williamson says:

      I’m with Joshua, Andy. Its outrageous (jokingly) that Romo is number 15. Matt Ryan’s never made it to a Pro Bowl, and Jay Cutler doesn’t even have a winning record as a starter.

      There are not 14 better quarterbacks than Tony Romo. There are not 10 quarterbacks better than Romo. He had nearly a 3-1 touchdown to interception ratio and he won a playoff game.

      Ben Roethlisberger number 3? The guy has never even quarterbacked a top 5 offense and he let teams like Kansas City, Cleveland, and Oakland stay in the game when his defense gave him multiple opportunities to win the game.

    • There are 14 other guys you’d play ahead of Romo?

      You’re a bit premature on Flacco, Cutler, and Ryan. Mighty they be better than some of the others in the future? Perhaps. But now? Not so much.

    • bobby says:

      listen guy we all know who the best is and gonna be and thats matty ice ryan yall will see next falcons in the super bowl see one of yalls team there later oh yea matt ryan the best

    • DAFenton24 says:

      This list needs to be updated, for it is quite questionable. First off, Ben Rs team gets worse the more he throws. Kurt Warner is retired. Eli is just not as good as the New York media thinks. Jay Cutler-are you kidding me? And, it is yet to be seen if Tom brady has fully recovered from a serious knee injury.

    • Blaize says:

      Maybe he shouldn’t make the top 20 but one person who you have to consider is Vince Young… he doesn’t have incredible stats but you also cannot ignore his win percentage. 28-13 as a starter including his 2006 and 2009 campaigns in which he took a team who was winless and made a playoff run, finishing just outside of the playoffs both times.

    • corey says:


    • Papa Ray says:

      jemarcus russel is trash

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