The NY Giants Drop the Ball in Round 3

April 29, 2011 by

In the 3rd round of the 2011 draft, the New York Giants draft…FUMBLE!

Kordell Stewart…I mean Jerrel Jernigan wider receiver from Troy.   Really?

The Associated Press announced that the New York Giants have filled their need a wide receiver with stand out Jerrel Jernigan.  Need?

Where will this guy receive any touches?   The Giants have 10 wide receivers:  Hakeem Nicks, Steve Smith, Mario Manningham, Ramses Barden, Domenik Hixon, Derrick Hagen, Victor Cruz, Duke Calhoun, Michael Clayton, and Devin Thomas.   This doesn’t even count the outside chance of one Plaxico Buress wearing the No. 17 once again.  Are the Giants searching for the next DeSean Jackson?


Seriously…how many more touch downs can Eli throw?   How many yards or completions can he possibly collect?

Hey Jerry….your team need two linebackers!  One inside and one outside.

Hey Jerry…your team needs an offensive tackle and a center.

Is Jernigan a nice player. Yes, the 5 foot 8, 181 pound receiver is a nice player.  He plays quarterback, wide receiver, kick returner, and probably corner back.  With out linebacker help…Chris Cooley, Jason Witten, Brent Celek, and Vernon Davis will continue to be running free down the seem for a touchdown.

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    4 Responses to “The NY Giants Drop the Ball in Round 3”
    • joe johnson says:


      With all due respect, you are completely wron on the 3rd round choice. First, Steve Smith & Hixon are recovering from serious injuries Smith will most likely be on the PUP list next year. Second, Nicks is excellent, but has yet to stay healthy for a full season. 3rd – He can return punts and kicks, which I believe the Giants were one of the worst. 4th – He will be the fastest WR they have. 5th – look where almost everyone had him ranked – higher than where he was drafted. 6th – What 4-3 LB was available who is better than what they have – none. The league has changed, and you need speed- they got faster.

    • KG says:

      Wow Craig, you’re not too bright, are you? I guess you figure the Giants’ return game was rock solid? And um, I’m assuming that YOU assume the likes of Clayton, Thomas, Hagan (check your spelling), Calhoun…and (hehe) Plax will be with the team in ’11?? Steve Smith is a lock to recover from microfracture surgery? Hixon’s knee will be healed? Barden will do….SOMETHING? Your little “article” proves that anyone can get any blog entry published on the World Wide Web. Try writing about soccer perhaps….this ain’t ur thing.

    • Craig Santucci says:

      Thanks for the read KG and the kind words.

      I will start by saying I was very fortunate to play this game at a very high level and I know game. I am also a season ticket holder and have been for 25 years. Try not to bring your hate to this site. We don’t need it.

      However, that does not matter. The Giants “are” in need of a play maker at linebacker. As most people know…that “must have”, “can’t miss” linebacker was not in the draft.

      Taking a return man in 3rd round is not the wisest decision. Unfortunately… I don’t think he’s even a gunner on kick offs. Can he play? Yes, but the depth at O line is much bigger concern. Will 6 of those receivers I named come back…No.

      Last month, I interviewed Steve Smith. I posted the live interview here on NFL touchdown. He talks about Plax, Mario, Barden and his knee. He’s working very hard to make it back 100%.

      I do believe Hixon will come back and make a difference; however, if he doesn’t Victor Cruz(if he makes team) returned kicks and punts at UMass and our newly drafted running back Da’Rel Scott from Maryland return lock offs.

      The Giants have options. Thanks again for the kind words. Maybe I can take you a game some time.

    • James Williamson says:

      I’m with you man. They needed to draft for needs because they have too many receivers already that can perform for them.

      I’dve drafted an OT over a LB, but that’s me.

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