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The Bad: Top Five Bears Players Who Surprised Us Last Season

April 15, 2011 by

Today, The Bad: Top Five Bears Players Who Surprised Us Last Season is unveiled.

Let’s go down the list, shall we:

1. Zackary Bowman

Bowman had a great 2009 campaign, appearing in all 16 games making 66 tackles and intercepting six passes. The Bears were high on the 6’1″ corner-back, who showed his athleticism during training camp. Bowman started the first two games of the season against Detroit and Dallas. Bowman allowed Calvin Johnson to reel in what seemed to be a game winning touchdown in week one against the Detroit Lions. Luckily the rules are rules and the Bears hung on for the win. In 13 games, this past season Bowman made 32 tackles and forced one fumble. He is going to have to show the Bears why he deserves a second chance because as of right now, Tim Jennings, Joshua Moore and D.J. Moore are all better corner-backs in the eyes of the Bears coaches.

2. Tommie Harris

Tommie Harris again showed signs of invisibility on the Bears defense. Harris appeared in 15 games last season making 13 tackles and 1.5 sacks. He failed to make a tackle in six games and his highest tackle total in a game was two. However, Harris did play well in the NFC Divisional game against Seattle, where he made two sacks. His production clearly wasn’t enough because on Feb. 28, 2011 the Bears released the former first-round pick. Harris was a good player for a while, but just couldn’t stay healthy with all of his knee surgeries. He is only 28 years old and still has a legitimate shot at making a splash with another NFL team. That NFL team could be the Indianapolis Colts. It’s tough seeing a guy with so much potential leave, but the Bears made the right decision on letting Tommie Harris go.

3. Mark Anderson

Like DT Tommie Harris, DE Mark Anderson was a projected starter on the defensive line before the season started. Anderson quickly fell out of favor after once again disappointing. In four games, Anderson made only eight tackles. Anderson had 9.5 sacks in three seasons after his rookie year where he had 12 sacks. The Bears gave him chance after chance. They let Adewale Ogunleye and Alex Brown go last off-season. So, Anderson basically had the job opposite of Julius Peppers, but he just didn’t perform well. Israel Idonije outperformed him by making eight sacks in 16 games last season. Anderson, however went on to the Texans where he made four sacks in 11 games. It’s a let down when a guy has 12 sacks his rookie season, but only makes 9.5 sacks in three seasons after. Anderson disappointed in his last chance as a Bear.

4. Chester Taylor

The Bears added Chester Taylor this past off-season thinking he would be that perfect change of pace back behind Matt Forte.  But Taylor failed to make the most of his opportunities. Taylor appeared in all 16 games, carrying the ball 112 times for only 267 yards (2.4 ypc) and three touchdowns. Taylor improved in the playoffs scoring touchdowns in the NFC Divisional game against the Seahawks and in the NFC Championship against the Packers. Taylor, will be 32 when the season starts and it seems like the Bears are willing to give him one more shot. He didn’t please the organization with his play last season. He surprised us last season, but not in a good way.

5. Todd Collins

So many things can be said about this veteran QB, but no one really expected much out of him. No one expected him to be this bad though. Todd Collins was plain awful when he was put into games. In games against the NY Giants and Carolina Panthers, Collins completed 10 of 27 passes for 68 yards, averaging 2.5 ypa and throwing five interceptions. Also, Collins posted a QB rating of 5.9. Just pathetic, he threw four interceptions against the worst team in the NFL, the Carolina Panthers in week five. How the Bears had Collins as the number two quarterback over Caleb Hanie in the playoffs is beyond me. Collins threw four passes in the NFC Championship in relief of Jay Cutler and never came close to a completing a single pass. Collins is just flat out pathetic, the Bears should have never signed him in the first place.

For more news on Twitter, follow @Bearsbacker or check out Jake’s site

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