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The Arizona Cardinals Offensive Line: How is It Shaping Up?

June 21, 2010 by

That’s a big question in the desert nowadays.

With a couple of nice offseason moves in adding Alan Faneca and Rex Hadnot, suddenly the offensive line is brimming with promise for the Cards.

Now the question is: who will start for them?

And that’s a wonderful problem to have.

Things have been interesting in Training Camp, as one of the biggest battles has been in this area.

And now with Duece Lutui finally coming around, things have become that much more complicated.

Let’s look at some of the big battles, which should be mostly on the right side.

And sorry in advance if I use any soccer terms…I’m really into the World Cup lately.

Right Guard:

Projected Starter: Reggie Wells

Competition: Rex Hadnot, Deuce Lutui

Hadnot is a wily veteran who’s been around the block a few times. I highly doubt he’ll start, but it will be great to have him when there’s an inevitable injury this season, as he can also play the left side of the line, along with center.

Lutui may actually be the biggest competition for Wells if he can get his act together.

Lutui is certainly not the greatest offensive lineman, but he knows the Cardinals system, and is familiar with what Coach Grimm expects of him.

Probably the biggest issue for Lutui is gaining back the confidence from the staff after his ridiculous holdout.

That, and well, making the team.

If Lutui can find his form, though, don’t be shocked if he overtakes Wells.

If he makes the team that is.

Right Tackle:

Projected Starter: Brandon Keith

Competition: Herman Johnson, Rex Hadnot

This is probably the weakest link on the Cardinals front line, as Keith is not a player everyone knows.

And he’ll be charged with protecting Leinart’s backside should he start.

Eventually, though, I think Johnson will take this spot. It seems it’s just a matter of time, although it could be next year.

For the time being, it’s Keith’s job to lose it seems, and along with that he gets a great chance to impress the staff.

Left Guard: Alan Faneca

Competition: Rex Hadnot, Deuce Lutui

Yep, ol’ Rex is in competition for every spot on the line it seems.

It appears like Faneca is a shoe-in for this job, but the veteran isn’t what he once was.

Every Cards fan, including myself, hopes to see Faneca regain his Pro Bowl form, but if he should not, the Cards need to be ready.

It should be interesting to see who the Cardinals will trot out on the line for their opener in St. Louis.

Needless to say, this training camp is an important one for the offensive line.

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    3 Responses to “The Arizona Cardinals Offensive Line: How is It Shaping Up?”
    • Carl Mickens says:

      I would imagine that Lutui will reclaim his starting job at some point. He’s been too solid not to.

    • Ryan Michaels says:

      With Faneca, the Cards should have one of the best front fives in the NFC now.

    • Jason says:

      I find it gut wrenching to read an article like this because rightfully (and we’ll probably never find out the truth) but Grimm should be doing this in Pittsburgh right now. If it wasn’t for the Rooney’s becoming PR sellouts and that atrociously unfair Rooney Rule Tomlin would never have been handed that job. He wouldn’t have even qualified for it. Enjoy Card fans!

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