Texans Test Everyone’s Blood Pressure!

October 28, 2009 by

Wow!  Last week was a nail biting, hair pulling, gut checking and heart stressing win.  I started the game nervous, by half time I was feeling good, by the end of three I was nervous again and with two minutes left I was a screaming mess of nerves and high blood pressure.  Thank you Texans defense.

Our Houston Texans ran up a 21 – 0 lead at half time while limiting the 49er offense to a whole 50 yards of total offense and then almost let it get away.  A few years ago, heck even last year, I would not have given them a chance even with this score but this year is different.  I thought they had this in the bag and was ready for a final score of say, umm I don’t know, 35 – 3 or so.  Instead we got 24 – 21.

The good news, our run defense showed up again, we had a pass rush ( for the first half anyway ), Schuab and company were as good as always and special teams were, well special.

The bad news, our pass rush disappeared in the second half, our secondary seemly couldn’t find a TE running the same route three times for scores.  Our offense played like they were up by 100 points and special teams were, well they were still pretty special.

I don’t know what the problem was during the second half but the Texans and Coach Kubiak better figure it out quick because our opponents aren’t going to let us get away with that kind of second half of play without putting it to us.

It appeared like the defense couldn’t make adjustments to the 49er’s new offensive scheme in the second half and it looked like Offensive coord. Shannahan was playing conservative football.  This team needs to learn how to CRUSH opponents and have no mercy.  You quit playing hard about 5 minutes after the game is over, not at half time.

We have the Bills this weekend followed by the Colts and then the bye week.  Now I know that the Bills are only 3 – 4 but they have beat the Jets ( who beat us severely ) and only lost to N.E. by 1, read it 1, point.  They are not pushovers.  Then we have the Colts, 6-0 says it all.  To go into the bye week with a winning record we need to win in Buffalo and I would hope in Indy.  Following the bye we have Jacksonville ( remember what happened last time ), Tennessee and Indy again.

If we can go 3 – 2 or even better, 4 – 1, over this stretch then we have a good shot at the playoffs.  Turn that around to where we go 2 – 3 or 1 – 4 and no playoffs.  If the Texans are truly around the corner and now a team that contends for the playoffs they must win at least 3 of the next five.

In order for this to happen the Texans defense MUST show up for all 4 quarters of each and every game.  Our offense has already shown that they can match scores with the best of the league so it falls on the defense to rise to the challenge.

Injury update:  Andre Johnson has a bruised lung (ouch) and is listed as day to day.  He was injured on his first reception of the game but continued to play until he was coughing up blood.  To show how much of a team player he is, the trainers had to HIDE his helmet to keep him out of the game.  He will undergo testing everyday this week to insure that he is healing and will not practice.  Not that ‘Dre needs to practice, and this will give Kevin Walter and co. more time with Schuab.

To wrap this up, the next 6 weeks will show were the Texans are as a team.  If they have a winning record over these 5 games, it could be playoff time.  If they don’t, well we will have to start looking forward to next year.  Here’s wishing them the best of luck and a better defense.

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