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Tennessee Titans 2010 Roster Rundown

July 11, 2010 by

Quick-hitting analysis on every significant contributor to the 2010 Tennessee Titans.

*new veteran


Head Coach: Jeff Fisher


Coordinator: Mike Heimerdinger

QB: Vince Young

Showed some positive signs last year, but benefitted from facing defenses that were concerned with Chris Johnson. Titans still haven’t asked him to drop back and make more than 2 reads or scan more than half the field.

RB: Chris Johnson

The 2,006 rushing yards get plenty of attention, but how about his 503 receiving yards? If Titans are going to wear him out like this, they’d better pay him.

RB: Javon Ringer

Might not have ideal girth for goal-line running at 5’9”, 205.

FB: Ahmard Hall

Forced to play with toughness week in and week out, as teams know that one way to have a chance at stopping Johnson is to go after his lead-blocker.

WR: Kenny Britt

An emerging second-year receiver in that Terrell Owens/Brandon Marshall mold. Will only get better as he continues to sharpen mechanics.

WR: Nate Washington

Dropped too many balls last season. Could bounce back; he has some speed, and he’s very good at playing with a sandlot style quarterback.

WR: Justin Gage

Willowy hands catcher, but lacks the stop/start, change-of-direction ability to be a big-time starter.

TE: Bo Scaife

Made $4.46 with the franchise tag last year and $4.9 million this year. That’s too much for a good-but-not-great tight end.

TE: Jared Cook

Has ridiculous raw talent – just needs to learn to run routes.

LT: Michael Roos

Not a dominator, but one of the steadiest players in the NFL. Long arms allow him to seal and engulf defenders in the run game.

LG: Leroy Harris

Was not effective as a fill-in starter at center in 2008.

C: Eugene Amano

Signed a five-year, $26.25 million contract and moved to center over the offseason. Mobile and powerful enough, though how much of his success last year was a result of playing between Roos and Kevin Mawae?

RG: Jake Scott

Solid piece to a puzzle. Has good chemistry with his fellow linemen.

RT: David Stewart

A cantankerous mudder who masks his lack of quickness with grit.

6 OL: Mike Otto

Seventh-round pick in ’07 headlines one of the weakest second O-line units in the NFL.


Coordinator: Chuck Cecil

LDE: William Hayes

Adequate contributor in a rotation. Capable of getting good separation that allows him to play with range and quickness against the run.

DT: Jovan Haye

Already, you’ve confused him with William Hayes, haven’t you? It’s not hard to do – this is another rotation guy. Can get off blocks okay, but isn’t a playmaker.

DT: Tony Brown

Very good initial quickness. At 29, he’s the elder statesman on this front line.

RDE: Derrick Morgan**

Titans had visions of Jevon Kearse (early 2000s Kearse, back when he was The Freak) dancing through their heads when they saw the ACC ’09 sack leader still on the board at 16.

5 DL: Jacob Ford

Flashes good quickness when comfortable.

LOLB: Gerald McRath

Four-game PED suspension doesn’t help his cause, but the second-year pro should capture a starting job at some point in ’10. Good energy, but needs to scale back the swagger.

MLB: Stephen Tulloch

Solid middle linebacker. Will lead the team in tackles, but you’re not in a great spot if he’s your top playmaker.

ROLB: Will Witherspoon

Agile veteran who can thrive in space, though there’s a reason he has become a journeyman.

4 LB: David Thornton

Shoulder injury, hefty salary and the fact that he’s an older veteran with subpar awareness should lead to his release before September. If Keith Bulluck isn’t signed, third-round rookie Rennie Curran will get a look.

CB: Cortland Finnegan

Wants to have the responsibility of shadowing the opposing team’s No. 1 receiver each week. Titans should oblige – he’s earned it.

SS: Chris Hope

Decent pass defender, and a very forceful run-stopper in the box.

FS: Michael Griffin

Looking to bounce back from an awful ’09 season. Must keep his mind from either racing or drifting in coverage.

CB: Jason McCourty

Will have to learn to defend receivers with less of a buffer zone if he’s going to hold off Ryan Mouton, Alterraun Verner and Tye Hill for the No. 2 job.

NB: Vincent Fuller

One of the more underrated defensive backs in the game. Rock of a tackler and fairly-instinctive ball defender in the slot.

Special Teams

K: Rob Bironas

One of the best in the business. Range is excellent.

P: Brett Kern

Officially replaces the retired Craig Hentrich. Netted 41.4 yards per boot last season after coming over from Denver in October.

RS: Alvin Pearman

Doesn’t have big-play explosiveness.


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