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The Bears put together their first shutout victory since 2006 last night. They defeated the Miami Dolphins 16-0, but most importantly shut them down completely in all aspects of the football game. They allowed the Dolphins to convert only one third down conversion out of 11 attempts. They held the Dolphins under 200 yards of offense for the entire game. The Dolphins game-plan might have been questionable considering they ran the ball seven times or a total of 12 yards. They gave third string QB Tyler Thigpen the ball and said throw it around. Thigpen was 17 of 29 for 187 and one interception. Thigpen was also sacked six times, three of those sacks came in garbage time. Considering the [...] Continue reading → | Bears, Brian Urlacher, Cameron Wake, charles tillman, Chester Taylor, chicago, Chicago Bears, Dolphins, Earl Bennett, Football, Game Recap, Jay Cutler, Lovie Smith, Matt Forte, NFL, Ricky Williams, Ronnie Brown, Thursday Night Football, tommie harris, Tyler Thigpen, Week 12, Wildcat
The Chicago Bears and Miami Dolphins will meet for the 11th time ever tonight at Sun Life Stadium. The Dolphins lead the all-time series 7-3. The last time these two teams met was back in 2006, when the Dolphins spoiled the Bears 6-0 record by beating them 31-13 at Soldier Field. Miami didn't treat the Bears well again that season, when the Bears appeared in Super Bowl XLI, but failed to come away with the victory. The Bears are fresh off a big victory over [...] Continue reading → | Bears, Brian Urlacher, Cameron Wake, charles tillman, Chester Taylor, chicago, Chicago Bears, Dolphins, Earl Bennett, Football, Jay Cutler, Lovie Smith, Matt Forte, NFL, Ricky Williams, Ronnie Brown, Thursday Night Football, tommie harris, Tyler Thigpen, Week 12, Wildcat
I''m going to get straight to the point in this article: I really like the Denver Broncos.  I saw a game Sunday that resembled a Street Fighter II contest between Ryu and Ryu.  I find it amazing that the Denver Broncos, at least offensively and philosophically,  mirror the New England Patriots.  Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels coached a game that made me believe the Broncos are destined for big things this season, and it took overtime against the Patriots to crystalize that statement.  Now, I said in the 1SKILLZ Gameplan for this game ( that this game will come down to turnovers and quarterback play.  The Broncos had two turnovers to the Patriots' one, but Orton's first interception of the season [...] Continue reading → | Denver Broncos, Kyle Orton, New England Patriots, Overtime, Tom Brady, Wild Horses, Wildcat
The defense looked like they didn't want to win this game.  When they made plays, the refs were sure to step in and "correct" it (seriously- that pass interference call on Allen was bush league).  If you told me the Dolphins would surrender their first 100+ yard rushing game, would only get to Sanchez one time,  had zero turnovers, and had 112 yards in penalties, then I would tell you we lose this game big time.  Instead, after 5 lead changes in the 4th quarter, Henne thoroughly outperformed his rookie counterpart and delivered the W in a game that rivals the first time the Phins broke out the Orange Jerseys for excitement and satisfaction. This defense held: the Matt Schaub/Andre Johnson combination to 166 yards, a 54.5 completion %, 0 TDs and 1 INT. Tom [...] Continue reading → | AFC East, Chad Henne, Mark Sanchez, Miami Dolphins, Monday Night Football, New York Jets, Ronnie Brown, Wildcat
This wasn't just a win; this was a statement.  This game said, "We are not the same old Dolphins."  It said, "We will no longer fold in the face of adversity."  Most importantly though, it said "so long last place!"  With the win on Sunday afternoon, we are now officially in third place in the AFC East with a 1-3 record (and of course, the tie breaker over the Bills), with a chance to climb a little further against the Jets on Monday night. I felt pretty confident that we could beat the Bills, but I would never have predicted the ferocious beating that actually took place- simply because of all the "firsts" taking place in the game.  For example: It was of course Chad Henne's first NFL start Henne's first NFL touchdown throw Brian Hartline's first [...] Continue reading → | AFC East, Brian Hartline, Buffalo Bills, Cameron Wake, Chad Henne, Jason Taylor, Miami Dolphins, Wildcat
Well, the Dolphins covered nearly every base I thought they would have to cover to win, yet still found a way to cough up the game. Play keep away?  How about they hold the ball for over 45 minutes, to fifteen minutes for the Colts (allowing the Colts to win with the least time of possession since 1977).  The Wildcat, on its "birthday" no less, played a huge part in this- the Dolphins used it 12 times for 107 yards and a TD.  You really can't ask for a more dominant performance as far as ball control. Stop Reggie Wayne?  How about holding him to 3 catches for 37 yards and 0 TDs.  On top of it the Colts only rushed for 61 yards.  Sean Smith was absolutely blanketed all over Reggie Wayne and basically took him out of the game.  The D-line once again played well and controlled [...] Continue reading → | Colts; Miani, Dolphins, Indianapolis, Monday Night, Wildcat
These reports have been floating for a while this offseason, but now they are really starting to pick up some steam. Check out one of the stories here. From what I have seen on various blogs and message boards, this seems to have struck a nerve with DolPhans.  I can see why too.  He really does have an inspirational story.  In 2007 he looked like the premier back in the league; he was leading the league in yards from scrimmage while averaging 6.3 yards a touch, and had 5 touchdowns in less than half a season's work.  We all know the rest of the story- while trying to make a tackle after a Cleo Lemmon interception against the Patriots, Ronnie tore his ACL and [...] Continue reading → | Dolphins, Trade Ronnie Brown, Wildcat
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