Isotretinoin 8 Wochen

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Week 17

The Jacksonville Jaguars ended their season on Sunday with a 34-17 loss to the Houston Texans. The Jags, led by Trent Edwards, just could not manage to find a way to beat the Texans, mostly due to injuries.  Both David Garrard and Maurice Jones-Drew were out for the game. Edwards struggled throughout the whole game, and made it very clear that he is not the quarterback of the future for this team.  Garrard will come back next season as the starter. Rashad Jennings played very well, carrying for over 100 yards and a touchdown, but may have been the lone brightspot for team that has witnessed its second late season collapse in the past two years. Here are the awards for week 17's loss to Houston: Most Valuable Jaguar - Rashad Jennings had a big game, and [...] Continue reading → | AFC South, David Garrard, David Nelson, jack del rio, Jacksonville Jaguars, Jaguars, Lockout, Matt Schaub, Maurice Jones-Drew, MJD, NFL draft, Peyton Manning, Playoffs, Week 17
The Chicago Bears will face the Green Bay Packers for the 181st time ever when they travel to Lambeau Field today. The Packers lead the all-time series 92-82-6. This game means a lot for the Packers (9-6) and it could mean something for the Bears (11-4) as well. The New Orleans Saints play the Bucs and the Falcons play the Panthers, if both lose the Bears could get the #1 seed. The Bears would then have something to play for by 4:15 ET, when the face the Packers. If they beat the Packers, with those scenarios takings place, they [...] Continue reading → | 2011, Aaron Rodgers, Bears, chicago, Chicago Bears, Football, Green Bay, Green Bay Packers, Jay Cutler, johnny knox, Lambeau Field, Matt Forte, NFC North, NFL, NFL playoffs, Packers, rival., Week 17
The Jaguars dropped their second straight game in a loss to Washington on Sunday. In what was a poorly played game, the Jaguars never took command of the game and despite winning the coin toss in overtime, just could not get it going. The game started with a quick 10-0 deficit after an interception thrown by Garrard.  Without Maurices Jones-Drew, the Jaguars never got the running game going as Rashad Jennings finished with 32 yards on 15 carries.  With no running game, the Redskins were forcing the Jaguars to pass. Despite a 20-yard TD run to tie the game, and the shift in momentum, Deji Karim botched the kickoff in overtime and then Garrard threw an interception on third down to seal the deal. In what was an ugly game against a bad team, the Jaguars do not look like a [...] Continue reading → | AFC South, Dave Nelson, David Garrard, David Nelson, Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colts, jack del rio, Jacksonville Jaguars, Jaguars, Jason Hill, Josh Scobee, Maurice Jones-Drew, Mike Thomas, NFL, Playoffs, Rashad Jennings, Tennessee Titans, Washington Redskins, Week 17
Well the 2009 NFL season has ended for our Houston Texans and still no playoff berth.  That is the bad news. The good news is that our favorite team has posted their FIRST winning record in their short 7 years in the league. So as we all prepare to watch Indy and everyone else play on into the post season it is time to look back at the Texans season and try to find the problems that remain with the team and what to fix for next year. With this in mind lets look at some stats from this year.  The offense lead the way this year (as usual) ranking #10 in the league overall.  While that may sound pretty good to you let's look deeper into that ranking. The Texans ranked #1 in passing yards per game, but #30 in rushing yards per game.  That needs to change if we want to make a [...] Continue reading → | 2009 NFL season, Houston Texans, Texans, Texans 2009 stats, Week 17
Minnesota hosts the New York Giants in an early Sunday game, and the outcome will dictate the Arizona Cardinals' game plan for their later game slot against the Green Bay Packers. If the Vikings win the Cardinals will surely fall back on plan B, which will be to rest key players and keep the game plan as plain as Breyer's vanilla bean ice cream. With the strong likelihood of facing the Packers the following week on the same field in the first round of the playoffs, it would be foolish to reveal too much to Green Bay. If the Vikings lose, the Cardinals will be gunning for the #2 NFC seed. Of course, they will [...] Continue reading → | Aaron Rodgers, Cardinals, Kurt Warner, Packers, preview, stake, Week 17
Here are the Week 17 Bears power rankings from various sites around the web: Yahoo Sports: #22 (Last week: 24) Analysis, When Jay Cutler plays like he did Monday night, is there any question as to why this franchise gave up so much to get him? ESPN: #23 (Last week: 25) Analysis, They came up big Monday night. Too bad that hasn’t happened more [...] Continue reading → | Chicago Bears, power rankings, Week 17
The owners blew it earlier this year when they opted to maintain the current playoff format. Anyone who watched some of the Week 17 action in the NFL came away with a small dose of that feeling of lethargy one has after watching an entire preseason game. It's that "what the hell did I just do?" feeling you get upon first realizing how much time has slipped away. You watched football for three hours in the middle of the day, which prevented you from taking on any major projects or running errands too far from home. And when all was said [...] Continue reading → | NFL, NFL owners, NFL playoffs, Week 17
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