Tampa Bay Buccaneers predictions

We’re entering Year Three of what’s been a top-to-bottom youth movement in Tampa Bay. So far, most would agree, it’s going better than planned. The team’s starting quarterback, running back, wide receivers, defensive ends, defensive tackles, middle linebacker and strong safety all enter the season with less than three years of NFL experience. Yet no eyes rolled when Raheem Morris – who, at 35 on Opening Day, will still be the youngest head coach in the league – declared this year’s goal to be to win the NFC South. The Bucs were 10-6 last year. Still, Morris’s lofty ambitions of reaching the postseason fell short, though in part because the NFL insists that a team that wins all of seven games but finishes atop the worst division in history is more [...] Continue reading → | , , , ,
You know who's really running this Tampa Bay Buccaneers franchise? Al Davis. Think about it: In 2002, the owner of the NFL's west coast band of nautical villains basically shipped rising young head coach Jon Gruden to Malcolm Glazer (owner of the NFL's east coast band of nautical villains), in exchange for a bounty of draft picks and cash. With his Tony Dungy-built team, Gruden immediately delivered a Super Bowl title, fully erasing this organization's long-held shabby image. But Davis’s impact doesn’t stop there. On October 1, [...] Continue reading → | , , , , ,
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