Seahawks 2009 preview

Forget the term "bouncing back". It doesn't apply here. For, to talk about this Seattle Seahawks team "bouncing back" is to give relevance to last season's 4-12 disaster. And last season really isn't relevant. An epidemic of injuries ruined everything. Last season, Seattle's quarterback battled a bulging disk in his lower back. The receiving corps was more depleted than Michael Richards’s fan base; at one point, the top six wideouts were all hurt. By the time the leaves had fallen, Seattle’s offensive line was without its starting left tackle and both guards. And the defense had lost its top pass-rusher. [...] Continue reading → | , , , ,
Why the Seattle Seahawks will bounce back to capture the NFC West in 2009. Seattle Seahawks Predicted: 1st 2008: 4-12 (3rd NFC West) [...] Continue reading → | , , , ,
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