Oh, I can recall a time not too long ago when I didn’t even imagine this article would need to be written. Looking back to week four, the 49ers were looking good. They sat at 3-1 and nowhere to go but up. They controlled their own destiny. Nobody was telling us anything, they were showing us. So what happened? The Niners season has been plagued with what are called “morale victories”. Basically, this team finished 7-9 last season under Mike Nolan and naturally, some time for improvement was needed. The team could handle a loss every now and then so long as this looked like an improved unit when all was said and done. And they did. In week three the 49ers got their first loss of the season, but what did it take? It took the play [...] Continue reading → | , , , , , ,
49ers TE Vernon Davis has already made franchise history for the San Francisco 49ers. Not only did he become the single season tight end touchdown leader for the team with 10 earlier this season (breaking the previous record of 9 set by Ted Kwalik in 1972) but now he’s got his sights set on perhaps a more prestigious record—tying and breaking the record for most touchdowns for a TE in a single season throughout all teams in the NFL. [...] Continue reading → | , , , , , ,
I had the opportunity just a couple days ago to give a phone interview to legendary wide receiver Jerry Rice. Rice is working with Gillette and the NFL to give fans behind-the-scenes looks into selected team locker rooms to try and get the fans closer to the game. The promotion also offers the chance to win tickets to the 2010 Super Bowl and a lot of other cool things. For more information on the promotion head over to and sign up to win and get exclusive access. I got a chance to ask him a few questions regarding this promotion, his own experiences in the locker room and his upcoming Hall of Fame eligibility. We also touch up a few times on the current state of the San Francisco 49ers and of course, head coach Mike Singletary and our young receiver in Michael [...] Continue reading → | , , , , , , ,
Wow!  Last week was a nail biting, hair pulling, gut checking and heart stressing win.  I started the game nervous, by half time I was feeling good, by the end of three I was nervous again and with two minutes left I was a screaming mess of nerves and high blood pressure.  Thank you Texans defense. Our Houston Texans ran up a 21 - 0 lead at half time while limiting the 49er offense to a whole 50 yards of total offense and then almost let it get away.  A few years ago, heck even last year, I would not have given them a chance even with this score but this year is different.  I thought they had this in the bag and was ready for a final score of say, umm I don't know, 35 - 3 or so.  Instead we got 24 - 21. The good news, our run defense showed up again, we had a pass rush ( for [...] Continue reading → | , , , ,
As fans, we of the 49ers faith have successfully made it through the bye week. It was tough, I'll admit, not having a game to look forward to. In that, as opposed to putting the Atlanta game behind ourselves and concentrating on the opponent at hand, we were sort of forced to sit and reflect on it throughout the week. Today marks my first look ahead, to next Sunday and the 49ers matchup against the Houston Texans. More so than exactly how the game will turn out, the hot ticket for discussion these days in 49erland is WR Michael Crabtree and his potential impact on the San Francisco 49ers this season. Crabtree signed a 6-year, 32 million dollar contract with 17 million guaranteed on October 7th after setting a 49ers franchise record by holding out longer than any Niners draftee in [...] Continue reading → | , , ,
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