NFL Thanksgiving

All it took was one comment. One profoundly stupid comment: "My Steelers have been making me so mad lately," she'd said. "I think they're not even trying." Chuckling, I casually replied, “You think they’re not trying?” It was a courtesy sentence – something uttered between bites to let this girl know that she was having dinner with a guy who was engaged in the conversation enough to appreciate her hyperbole. [...] Continue reading → | , , ,
As the Green Bay Packers knocked the stuffing out of the turkeys known as the Detroit Lions, Packer fans everywhere were surely in a thankful mood. After watching the game, here are five things this Packer fan and writer is thankful for. Feel free to add your own in the comments section: Thank you for the 2009 NFL Draft: Clay Matthews, BJ Raji, T.J. Lang, Brad Jones, Quinn Johnson, Brandon Underwood. Six Packer draft picks have made significant contributions in just their first year in the NFL. Clay Matthews has shown he can be a star in this league. Watching him beat two players easily in a three-man rush and then chase down a scrambling Stafford for a sack showed me the kind of will he has to be successful. I have no doubts that he will. BJ Raji, has been coming on [...] Continue reading → | ,
Analysis and new ideas for the NFL to chew on. Click here to read. [...] Continue reading → | , , ,
With the greatest American holiday taking place this week, it’s an appropriate time for us NFL fans to think about everything we’re thankful for. And there’s a lot on the table. For starters, I’m thankful that football isn’t baseball. Instead of seeing excitement once every 20 plays, we see excitement once every 1.2 plays. Oh, and we also see action when Mother Nature acts up. In fact, when She does, our sport is usually more enjoyable. [...] Continue reading → | , , ,
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