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NFL playoffs

After a season that started off with promise by winning five straight games and ultimately ending horribly with a 6-10 record, Bills Head Coach, Chan Gailey has made some coaching changes since the season ended.  The biggest change was the firing of  defensive coordinator George Edwards. [caption id="attachment_8331" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Dave Wannstedt coaching"][/caption] The Bills defense finished the regular season ranked 26th in the league in total defense, 19th in defending the [...] Continue reading → | Buffalo Bills, Chicago Bears, Jacksonville Jaguars, Miami Dolphins, NFL playoffs, Penn State Football, Pitt, Pittsburgh Panthers
The rematch no one was anticipating is here!  The 9-8 AFC West Champs Denver Broncos, the #4 seed in the AFC, are on the road at Gillette Stadium to face the #1 AFC seed, the AFC East Champ New England Patriots today, January 14, 2012, in Foxbourough, MA.  In this divisional playoff, the winner goes to the AFC Championship.  Either the game will be in New England, or the stage will be set in Houston or Baltimore to continue what has been an improbable run for the Broncos. The Broncos are coming off an absolute thrilling OT Wild Card weekend victory against the 12-win Pittsburgh Steelers in Denver, capped after 11 seconds when Broncos WR Demaryius Thomas took a slant from QB Tim Tebow 80 yards to end the game 29-23.  The Patriots, [...] Continue reading → | 1SKILLZ Gameplan, Aaron Hernandez, AFC Divisional playoffs 2011, Bill Belichick, Bill O'Brien, Brandon Spikes, David Binn, Demaryius Thomas, Denver Broncos, Devin McCourty, eddie royal, Jerod Mayo, john fox, Josh McDaniels, Mark Anderson, New England Patriots, NFL playoffs, Pamela Anderson, Patrick Chung, Rob Gronkowski, Tim Tebow, Tom Brady, Vince Wilfork, Wes Welker, Willis McGahee
New Orleans Saints (14-3) @ San Francisco 49ers (13-3) Saints O vs. 49ers D This is far and away the most challenging test for the Saints offense thus far. In fact, New Orleans faced only two top-10 defenses (yardage-wise) this season: Houston in Week 3 and Jacksonville in Week 4. San Francisco’s defense finished fourth in terms of yardage. Considering it ranked first in turnovers and tied for seventh in sacks, it’s arguably football’s best all-around defense. Of course, it’s not like this defense has faced an offense as potent as New Orleans’s, either. The Niners thrive in part because they’re that rare team with two [...] Continue reading → | 49ers vs. Saints, Aaron Rodgers, Broncos vs. Patriots, Giants vs. Packers, NFL playoff preidctions, NFL playoffs, Ravens vs.Texans, Tim Tebow Patriots, Tom Brady vs. Tim Tebow
The Bills season in a nut shell was disappointing to say the least. After opening up the season with three straight wins, the Bills would go on to win only three more games the rest of the season ultimately finishing with a record of 6-10 and tied for last in their division with the Dolphins. High hopes were on their side early on in the season as Bills QB, Ryan Fitzpatrick was leading the league in quarterback rating, RB, Fred Jackson was leading the league in touchdowns and yards from scrimmage and the defense led by rookie Marcell Dareus was making an impact and stopping the likes of the Patriots and the Eagles. However, this momentum would change during the season as Fitzpatrick would ink a new deal and forget how to throw touchdowns and remember how to throw interceptions, Jackson [...] Continue reading → | Buffalo Bills, Cincinnati Bengals, NFL playoffs
     Even though he has had some "issues," in particular over the last couple of weeks, one can not deter the fact that WR Stevie Johnson is an instrumental part of the Bills offense and getting them back to the playoffs.  This is why Bills GM, Buddy Nix has begun new talks on a contract for the receivers services at least for the next couple of years. More important, the coaching staff and Johnson's teammates have expressed their strong desire to bring him back. Johnson has been the team's leading receiver in each of the past [...] Continue reading → | Buffalo Bills, NFL, NFL free agents, NFL playoffs, University of Kentucky
Chargers 26, Raiders 17 We start with this game because it had a domino effect on many of the AFC playoff races. Or, rather, it could have had a domino effect. A Raiders victory would have made the Broncos-Chiefs, Bengals-Ravens and, in retrospect, Titans-Texans games infinitely more significant. Unfortunately, the Black & Silver fell flat, which allowed the Broncos and Bengals to back into the postseason (kudos to the NFL for scheduling these contests at the same time, thus keeping the drama alive for most of the afternoon). Oakland’s secondary – which had been depleted over the last two months so much that Lito Sheppard played nearly every snap – had no answer for Malcom Floyd and Antonio Gates. Normally this is where we start speculating about when [...] Continue reading → | Atlanta Falcons, Chris Ivory, Eli Manning, Mark Sanchez, New Orleans Saints, New York Giants, New York Jets, NFL playoffs, NFL wild cards, Rob Ryan, Tim Tebow
  With the Bills coming off of a seven game losing streak, the only thing left was for them to do was win one, which they did in dramatic fashion against the Denver Broncos and their QB, Tim Tebow. Coming into this blacked out game on local television, due to the 23,000 unsold tickets, the Bills were poised from the first snap to the last catch to win this game. Less we forget, "The Second Coming," Broncos QB, Tim Tebow was coming to town barring not only a few wins in the last couple of weeks, but his team was fighting for a playoff spot, which [...] Continue reading → | AFC East, Buffalo Bill, Kansas City Chiefs, New England Patriots, NFL playoffs, Tim Tebow
On October 28th, the Bills came to terms with their QB, Ryan Fitzpatrick on an extension to keep him with the team, because they felt he is the best man for the job to lead them to the promise land. The extension, which was valued at $59 million over six years, included a $24 million in guaranteed money. Furthermore, it was a significant raise over the $3.22 million base salary he was making this season. Leading up to the extension, Fitzpatrick had been patient the two season prior as the Bills figured out what coach and QB they wanted at the helm. Fast forward to the first five weeks of the season, he was dynamite and surely showed his worth as an efficient NFL quarterback, so why wouldn't he get paid. Up until he signed, he had a 4-2 record, was the toast of the town in Buffalo, the [...] Continue reading → | AFC East predictions, Buffalo Bills, Harvard, NFL playoffs
If the 5-9 Bills looked unimpressive last week against the Miami Dolphins, then you were watching the right game. Even with the advantage of the snow and the threat of not finishing the season with a 500 record, the Bills stunk it up again and lost 23-30. The Bills found the end-zone three times last Sunday afternoon, but it wasn't enough to wart off a Dolphins team that came into Buffalo with a worse overall record. Of course, now, both teams are 5-9 as they approach the last two games of the regular season. This is the second time in five weeks the Bills have lost to the Dolphins in disappointing fashion. The highlights of the game for the Bills offense was RB, C.J. Spiller who accumulated 91 yards on the ground on 12 attempts, 76 receiving yards on nine receptions, and scoring [...] Continue reading → | Buffalo Bills, Denver Broncos, Miami Dolphins, NFL playoffs, Patriots, Tim Tebow
The Bills took to the field last week in sunny San Diego and lost another one. Come to think of it, did the offense even make the trip, because if you watched the game, they did nothing. Of course, based on how many points the Chargers racked up, some would think that the defense didn't show up either. Better yet, the Bills may have suffered less if they just forfeited the game and went to the beach for a few hours. Final score of the game was 37-10 with the 10 points coming in the third quarter, compliments of a field goal and a fumble recovery in the end zone by Bills DB Bryan Scott.The Bills offense managed to throw three interceptions, between both QBs, Ryan Fitzpatrick and Tyler Thigpen, no touchdowns, less than 200 yards passing and 100 yards rushing.  If things couldn't have [...] Continue reading → | AFC, bills, Buffalo Bills, Denver Broncos, Dolphins, New England Patriots, New York Jets, NFL playoffs, San Diego Chargers
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