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All it took was one comment. One profoundly stupid comment: "My Steelers have been making me so mad lately," she'd said. "I think they're not even trying." Chuckling, I casually replied, “You think they’re not trying?” It was a courtesy sentence – something uttered between bites to let this girl know that she was having dinner with a guy who was engaged in the conversation enough to appreciate her hyperbole. [...] Continue reading → | , , ,
Idea for the 2009 NFL Draft: fan screening. What do I mean by fan screening? For starters, eliminating all of the online polls and message board posts from the ESPN television broadcast. When Joe_Panthers_Lover37 posts a comment about his team selecting Jeff Otah, there’s really only one person in this universe who cares about that comment: Joe_Panthers_Love37. And, unfortunately, there are hundreds of other fans who also feel the need to voice their “educated opinions” (educated as in they’ve been reading Kiper’s pre-draft [...] Continue reading → | , , ,
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