New York Jets training camp

The drama in New York¬†(and New Jersey) has officially begun. As reported by Pro Football Talk, Darrelle Revis is expected to hold out through voluntary workouts, with training camp being a high possibility. With Revis calling the last offer by the Jets "pitifully low," talk has begun of the crumble of the Jets. I wouldn't say they are falling apart by any means, but my biggest questions of this team were about Mark Sanchez and team chemistry. The New York Jets will have a lot of tough decisions to make within the next year, especially in the next few months. PFT also believed center Nick Mangold may consider holding out soon if he doesn't get an extension. He has been lobbying for one longer than Revis (at least to public knowledge). Many are¬†ripping the [...] Continue reading → | , , ,
Quick-hitting one-liner analysis on every significant Jets contributor and offseason acquisition. New York Jets Predicted: 4th [...] Continue reading → | , , , ,
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