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New York Giants preview

Thus far, the story of the 2011 New York Giants has centered around Osi Umenyiora. The disgruntled 29-year-old defensive end is looking for the new contract he claims general manager Jerry Reese originally promised him. Umenyiora accused Reese of lying in a sworn affidavit during the lockout. After the lockout, he surprisingly showed up to training camp, with the Giants having given him permission to seek a trade. New York’s first-round price tag, however, was too steep for the rest of the league. Though present for camp, Umenyiora did not practice with the team because, according to the Giants public relations staff, “he says he has a sore knee”. The Giants are now in an ugly catch-22. Trade Umenyiora and, in their minds, they set a precedent [...] Continue reading → | Giants 2011 preview, New York Giants 2011 predictions, New York Giants predictions, New York Giants preview, Osi Umenyiora 2011
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