New York Giants 2010 predictions

Sometimes the best thing to tell the depressed person is to just be happy. And sometimes the best thing to tell the overweight person is to just eat healthy. Life doesn't always have to be complicated. On that note, we can tell the New York Giants to just play better in 2010. That’s essentially what their front office said. The Giants are coming off a disappointing season in which they started 5-0 but finished 3-8. With a new $1.7 billion stadium opening up and the New York culture being the New York culture, there’s the temptation to overreact to such mediocrity by seeking elaborate changes.  [...] Continue reading → | , , ,
Quick-hitting analysis on every key contributor to the 2010 New York Giants. *new veteran **rookie Head Coach: Tom Coughlin (7th year) Offense [...] Continue reading → | , ,
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