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New Orleans Saints 2011 Preview

A Super Bowl hangover wasn’t the only obstacle the New Orleans Saints faced on the way to being punched out of the wildcard round of the playoffs by the Seattle Seahawks. Consisted of Mike Bell, Pierre Thomas and Reggie Bush, the Saints’ three-headed monster was extremely explosive out of the backfield in 2009, leaving opponents dazed and confused.  The powerful ground game lost its luster last season, however, and the defense didn’t exactly do a bang-up job in stopping the opposition from running the ball, either. New Orleans looks to restore the flame in the run game and make the defense formidable in the upcoming season though after a solid performance in the [...] Continue reading → | 2011 NFL Preview, Michael Gartman, New Orleans Saints, New Orleans Saints 2011 Preview, New Orleans Saints 2011 Season Predictions, New Orleans Saints 2011 Season Preview, nfc south
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