New Orleans Saints 2010 Predictions

Many consider the preseason practically meaningless.  But why?  We’ve been through a mind-numbing six-month period without football. For most, this caused emotional pain and frustration. For some, this even caused physical suffering. After analyzing the crap out of training camp, Favre Watch, Tebow Time, and the NFL Draft, I’m ready to start chomping at the bit with some power rankings, predictions, and actual games.  Preseason may not have much on the line for teams as a whole, but it’s a time for backups to seize the opportunity and achieve greatness, perhaps allowing for the next Tom Brady, Matt Schaub, or Kurt Warner, who began to emerge in this very stage. Moving forward, the Houston Texans may have lost Ben Tate last week for the season, but his chance to [...] Continue reading → | , ,
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