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If a man in a New Orleans Saints shirt ever passed a man wearing a Phoenix Suns hat on a street somewhere, you can be the two would briefly lock eyes and exchange looks of empathy. For, the man in the Suns hat knows what the man in the Saints shirt is going through. The Suns fan has spent the better part of the last five years rooting for a juggernaut offense to carry his favorite team to a title. Sadly, the old saying Defense Wins Championships isn’t just a way to coax focus in young athletes during the boring drills at practice––it actually has merit. So, for the Suns fan, each postseason has proven to be nothing more [...] Continue reading → | Drew Brees Saints, New Orleans Saints 2009 preview, New Orleans Saints predictions, New Orleans Saints preview, New Orleans Saints Super Bowl odds, Reggie Bush Saints
Why the Saints are Super Bowl contenders. New Orleans Saints Predicted: 1st 2008: 8-8 (4th NFC South) [...] Continue reading → | New Orleans Saints 2009 preview, New Orleans Saints depth chart, New Orleans Saints predictions, New Orleans Saints preview
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