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It’s become like waiting for Godot in Houston. It’s remarkable that Texans fans have once again rediscovered their optimism. We’re heading into, oh, about the fourth or fifth consecutive season where Robert McNair’s club “should” be poised for breakout playoff run. There’s been just one playoff run in the franchise’s mundane nine-year history – an unsuccessful 2009 campaign that, ultimately, served only as a means for augmenting the disappointment of 2010. Supposedly, this is really it for Gary Kubiak. It’s truly do-or-die. This upcoming breakout ’11 campaign has brought about virtually the same approach as the upcoming breakout campaigns of ’10, ’09 and ’08: riding the stable, prolific offense and revamping the scheme of [...] Continue reading → | Arian Foster 2011, Houston Texans predictions, Houston Texans preview, Matt Schaub 2011, Texans 2011 predictions
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