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So often an NFL player will claim that his team's season isn't successful unless it ends with a Lombardi Trophy. The rigidity of this notion---a season's value being measured only in the variable of victories, and true value not being recognized unless one of those victories happens to be of the rarest, most difficult form---would make a Buddhist shudder. Yet even the Dali Lama would admit that for the 2009 San Diego Chargers, it's Super Bowl or bust. The members of this organization aren’t going to find true peace or happiness with anything less than an AFC Championship victory. The Chargers have maxed out all other forms of success. [...] Continue reading → | Chargers 2009 preview, LaDanian Tomlinson 2009, Philip Rivers Chargers, San Diego Chargers preview, Shawne Merriman Chargers, Vincent Jackson Chargers
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