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Joseph Addai

With the 2011 NFL Preseason well underway, I thought it would be fun to skip ahead a couple chapters and orchestrate an early comprehensive preview of the 2011 NFL regular season with record predictions for all 32 teams.  I’m going way beyond your typical predictions. While most that cover this engaging and highly-debatable topic possess extensive knowledge and realistic expectations for the entire league, they don’t actually objectively gauge every single game on the schedule and come up with the correct win-loss ratio for the NFL—256-256. Additional Ingredients: Game-By-Game predictions for all 32 teams, and it wouldn’t be complete without bold surprises.  Some might make you laugh, scream, perhaps throw up, or even cause [...] Continue reading → | 2011 Indianapolis Colts Game-By-Game Predictions, 2011 Indianapolis Colts Schedule, 2011 NFL Record Predictions, AFC South, Andrew Luck, Anthony Constonzo, Anthony Gonzalez, Antoine Bethea, Arian Foster, Austin Collie, Blair White, Clint Session, Colts Win 6 Games Without Peyton Manning, David Garrard, DeLone Carter, Donald Brown, Dwight Freeney, Ernie Sims, Gary Brackett, Indianapolis Colts, Indianapolis Colts 2011 Preview, Indianapolis Colts 2011 Record Predictions, Jacob Lacey, Jeff Saturday, Jerraud Powers, Joseph Addai, Kavell Conner, Kelvin Hayden, Kerry Collins, Melvin Bullitt, Michael Gartman, Pat Angerer, Peter King, Peyton Manning, Peyton Manning Injury Update, Peyton Manning Out Indefinitely, Phillip Wheeler, Pierre Garcon, Reggie Wayne, Robert Mathis
Joseph Addai's first two seasons in the league were fantastic. He ran for 1,081 rushing yards in his rookie season, along with two very big games for his career. He had a career-day against the Philadelphia Eagles in the regular season, rushing for over 175 yards with four touchdowns in a 45-24 victory. Addai would also have a great game, rushing for great yards in the Super Bowl along with leading the team in catches for a 29-17 victory over the Chicago Bears. Addai would play much [...] Continue reading → | Donald Brown, Indianapolis Colts, Joseph Addai, NFL
Not even Peyton Manning could save the Indianapolis Colts in this game. Last week, we know it wasn't all his fault. But this week, it was just a struggle and a sign of frustration from the four-time MVP. Manning has been struggling with interceptions, now having nine of them in his last four games and seven in his last two. This is not the type of Manning we are accustomed to. Manning threw two touchdowns, but yet four interceptions, for 285 yards and he also went 31-of-48. He finished with a 59.8 rating. Wow. Manning was 28-33 for 219 yards with two touchdowns and one interceptions and a 101.9 [...] Continue reading → | Indianapolis Colts, Joseph Addai, Kevin Burnett, Mike Tolbert, NFL, Peyton Manning, Phillip Rivers, Reggie Wayne, San Diego Chargers
The Indianapolis Colts were in the red zone, looking for a touchdown to win the game or possibly tie the game to go into overtime with the New England Patriots. Peyton Manning dropped back, got hit from the side. It looked as if he was aiming for Pierre Garcon in the end zone, but the ball was intercepted. Game over, Patriots win, 31-28. But this shows Indianapolis can win games despite being totally banged-up. Just think how good they could be if all their players were there. If Gary Brackett, Joseph Addai, Bob Sanders, and all [...] Continue reading → | Antonio Gates, Indianapolis Colts, Joseph Addai, NFL, Peyton Manning, Phillip Rivers, Reggie Wayne, San Diego Chargers, Vincent Jackson
[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="187" caption="Peyton Manning looks to punish the Texans weak defense on Monday Night at home. "][/caption] Peyton Manning, unsurprisingly, was very frustrated when the Indianapolis Colts lost to the Houston Texans an embarrassing 34-24 blowout. All eyes were on Arian Foster, who ran for a team-record of 231 rushing yards which has helped him become the league's leading-rusher so far. Foster was unstoppable as the Colts couldn't stop the running back's combination of size and speed. He was too big for cornerbacks [...] Continue reading → | Arian Foster, Austin Collie, Blair White, Dallas Clark, Donald Brown, Duane Brown, Dwight Freeney, Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colts, Jacob Tamme, Jeff Saturday, Jim Caldwell, Joseph Addai, Mike Hart, NFL, Peyton Manning, Pierre Garcon, Reggie Wayne, Robert Mathis, Tennessee Titans
Anthony Gonzalez Ready to Play According to the Indianapolis Star, Anthony Gonzalez will be ready to play against the Houston Texans on Monday Night. "I feel good," the Indianapolis Colts receiver said Monday afternoon. "I feel really good." Many are optimistic of Gonzalez for this week, mostly Anthony himself. He really wants to play, and there is nothing that will stop him. "I would be surprised if I didn't play," he said. Gonzalez has been out for the past five games of the season. Many have been curious of Gonzalez's health, as he has been missing practices due to a lot things going with his ankle. "It's a little frustrating when you get a bunch of calls and text messages," he said. "It was like, 'Hey, I thought you were feeling good? What's [...] Continue reading → | Anthony Gonzalez, Antonio Johnson, Austin Collie, Bob Sanders, Chicago Bears, Donald Brown, Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colts, Javarris James, Joseph Addai, Kavell Conner, Mike Hart, NBC, NBC Sports, NFL, NFL playoffs, Super Bowl, Tony Dungy
The Indianapolis Colts continue to get hit by negative news. According to Mark J. Miller of Yahoo! Sports, running back Joseph Addai will be out several weeks with a hurt shoulder. However, this is considered a rumor. The news originally came from has had a recent history of false news reported, like Bob Sanders career likely to be done. Addai played well with 17 carries [...] Continue reading → | Indianapolis Colts, Joseph Addai, NFL
The Indianapolis Colts have been struggling for the past few weeks. But they finally got things back on tract last night against the Washington Redskins, improving to 4-2 and dropping Donovan McNabb and his 'Skins to 3-3. It wasn't all that perfect like normal Colts' football, but they played the way they should be playing all season long. Despite the three fumbles and three possible, but dropped, interceptions Peyton Manning threw, the Colts were able to hang on to a 27-24 victory. The Redskins are tougher than they look, and they showed that, [...] Continue reading → | Donovan McNabb, Indianapolis Colts, Joseph Addai, NFL, Peyton Manning, ryan torain, Washington Redskins
Many of the Indianapolis Colts' playmakers could be ruled out in Sunday's match-up against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Running back Donald Brown was out all week with a knee injury, and is considered questionable. Joseph Addai is dealing with a hamstring injury, but was able to make it to the Wednesday and Thursday practices despite missing Friday's. Addai is questionable, too. Austin Collie, who is leading the league in receiving yards, could be questionable as well after dealing with a sore heel. Collie was coming off a game where he had 171 yards along with two touchdowns in a 27-13 win over the Denver Broncos. Pierre Garcon, who is ruled out for last week, hasn't practiced all week with a bad hamstring injury. Other players that are listed as questionable are left [...] Continue reading → | Austin Collie, Indianapolis Colts, Jacksonville Jaguars, Joseph Addai, NFL, Pierre Garcon
Indianapolis Colts' running back Joseph Addai and middle linebacker Gary Brackett both sat out of today's practice due to injury. They were among with five other Indy starters, including Dwight Freeney, who sat out of Wednesday's practice. Freeny took his customary day of rest today. The Colts are just coming off a 38-14 win over the New York Giants. Addai was out with a knee injury, according to the Associated Press. Brackett missed practice due to his back. Clint Session, who was replaced by Kavell Conner in the Giants' game due to injury, sat out with a hamstring injury. Left tackle Charlie Johnson was also out, with his sprained right foot. Wide receiver Anthony Gonzalez was out with an ankle injury, linebacker and special teams leader Ramon Humber was out with a [...] Continue reading → | Denver Broncos, Gary Brackett, Indianapolis Colts, Joseph Addai, NFL
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