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Jeremy Ross

I mentioned that the Patriots signed twelve new players as undrafted free agents, so I'll take the time here to feature them.  Considering that the Patriots' top two runners (BenJarvus Green-Ellis, Danny Woodhead) were undrafted, as was their leading WR (Wes Welker) and leading pass-rusher (DT Mike Wright), I would never write off the chances of an undrafted free agent signed by New England.  Without further ado: - Mike Berry, RG, Auburn.  I would not sleep on Berry.  He has decent size at 6'3", 320, and he played for a national champion and protected/paved the way for Heisman Trophy winner and #1 pick QB Cam Newton.  With Stephen Neal retired, Berry has a real shot here. - Ryan Coulson, OLB, Nevada.  Coulson is a good character guy (team captain) and a potential [...] Continue reading → | Aaron Lavarias, Alex Silvestro, Anthony Leonard, Chris Koepplin, Clay Nurse, Corey Woods, Jeff Tarpinian, Jeremy Ross, Kyle Hix, Mike Berry, New England Patriots, Ryan Coulson, Undrafted free agents, Will Yeatman
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