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Giants defense

Heartless. On a day that was supposed to be filled with great NY Giant memories as fans and players saluted the house that Wellington Mara built, the NY Giants football team laid down with the most uninspiring play I have ever seen. Even with Hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor, arguably the best linebacker the NFL has ever seen and clearly the most dominant player to ever wear Giant blue, in the house, this squad could not find enough inspiration to stop the Carolina Panthers on "one" of their first five offensive drives. The aftermath was just as gutless, as Osi Umenyiora, who is supposed to be one of the team's defensive leaders complained about his playing time, lack of snaps, and the end of his career as a New York Giant. Hey,'re under contract, so how about you keep [...] Continue reading → | 2009 NFL Playoffs, Antonio Pierce, Carl Banks, Carolina Panthers, Eli Manning, Giants defense, Harry Carson, Justin Tuck, Lawrence Taylor, Michael Boley, Michael Strahan, Tom Coughlin
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