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It's that time again, my fellow Detroit Lions fans. The official end of the season is upon us, and you're going to watch. You're a Lions fan, but you're also a football fan, and this promises to be an explosive, well-matched, potentially high-scoring Super Bowl. But what's in it for you? Once again, the Lions were out of playoff contention by midseason, and the only talk about the Lions since Week 17 has pertained to the draft in April. So aside from picking a surrogate team to root for during the playoffs (as we have all learned to do as a self-defense mechanism—don't lie, you know you do it, too), how can we Lions fans enjoy the game as, well, Lions fans? I have a few ideas, sorted out for the many different types of Lions fans. For the "Blind [...] Continue reading → | Detroit Lions Super Bowl, Indianapolis Colts, New Orleans Saints, Super Bowl XLIV
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