Detroit Lions Ndamukong Suh

Different perspectives on Ndamukong Suh paint vastly different pictures on what kind of a player he is. If you look at the fines and personal fouls he has racked up since entering the NFL, it would be hard not to label him as a dirty player. By those metrics, he almost certainly belongs in the "James Harrison" category. But then if you see the plays he gets penalized on, it's hard to understand why he gets penalized on those calls. Against Marion Barber? Hair is part of the uniform, if you want to grow it, they can pull it. If you disagree, tell me why that play is a 15-yard penalty and this one isn't, despite looking far more [...] Continue reading → | , , , ,
Okay, Lions fans, here's the problem. Eric Berry is going to be a phenomenal player. There is very little doubt of this among fans, coaches, and draft experts alike. Any team that picks him will be happy they did, and enjoy an instant upgrade in their secondary. His scouting report reads like that of Ed Reed. But the Detroit Lions can't pick him. There's no way. It's not because he won't be available. The St. Louis Rams need help all over, but they're not likely to start at safety. It's also not because the Lions don't need help in the secondary, because very few units in professional football got burned worse last season than the Lions' secondary. It's simply because of the Lions' draft position. It's tough to take a safety at No. 2 overall. It's tougher when budding [...] Continue reading → | , , ,
Wait! Hold onto that cyanide, Detroit Lions fans, don't drop it into your morning coffee just yet. Look, I know. Really, I KNOW. Another disappointing season rife with disappointing losses. Another year the Lions spend as the greatest innovators of losing, seemingly inventing new methods each week. When does it end? When do we get a break? I don't have those answers, and I won't tell you it's going to be next season. Maybe even with our luck, we'll be ready to turn it around the season the NFL gets locked out. But I digress. What I bring you are lessons from this season, and just maybe, some things to look forward to. Because even though a 2-14 season is a poor season by any standards, the Lions still had an infinity percent increase in winning percentage over last [...] Continue reading → | , ,
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