Detroit Lions 2010 preview

Week 14 in the NFL is a very different place outside of Detroit. Typically, the focus in December throughout the NFL is shifting to playoffs, first-round byes, home-field advantage, divisional races, and Super Bowl favorites. For Detroit Lions fans, it's about salvaging respect, draft positioning, and snapping long-standing losing streaks. In other words, it's about "next year." By Week 14, we've usually come to a near-consensus on which college player will be our draft-delivered savior next year. That, or we're shouting each other down about it because we can't agree.  Regardless, though, we're not talking about playoffs (and yes, we've all done the Jim Mora thing at one point). If you ask me now, in June, a month before the start of training camp, whether it will be [...] Continue reading → | , ,
By the midpoint of the Detroit Lions' 2010 schedule, we'll know a lot of things. Chief among them is whether it's going to be any fun to say "Lions" and "playoffs" in the same breath. Not that the Lions are actually going to the playoffs this year, but it would be nice, for once, not to be out of the hunt by the first week of November. That will have a major impact on the presentation of Weeks 10-13... although I think we all know what kinds of corny storylines we'll see for the Thanksgiving game against the Patriots. Oh, you don't? Then read on. Week 10: Detroit Lions at Buffalo Bills “Lions' Defense, Bills' Offense Collide in Battle of Futility" First and foremost, this headline could turn out to be worthless, if either of [...] Continue reading → | , , , ,
The second quarter of the Detroit Lions' 2010 schedule provides plenty of intrigue. Between weeks five and nine, the Lions will see some of their most winnable games of the year (on paper),  some of the most intriguing personnel matchups,  and of course, a bye week. The media should have a good time with this stretch. Part one of this four-part series can be found here. Week 5: St. Louis Rams at Detroit Lions "Stafford vs. Bradford: Battle of the No. 1 Quarterbacks" Where to begin? There are so many angles to play on this game, most media outlets will have a hard time picking one. The media loves quarterbacks, [...] Continue reading → | , , , , , ,
When is the last time the Detroit Lions had an "easy" schedule? Every year, it seems, we decry the NFL for putting an impassible wall of a schedule before us. This year, that wall takes the form of the AFC East. But then, how much of that is mere perception? Because we are (mostly) intelligent Lions fans, we know where we fall within the "good team/bad team" hierarchy, we understand: When you're one of the worst teams in football, every schedule is full of teams that are better than you. Note to the ones who predicted "playoffs" last year: You can stop reading now. I only write for those in the real world. Note to Kevin Smith: I know you fit the bill above, but your heart was in the right place, so you and I are cool. Read on. Anyway, it's true that once again the [...] Continue reading → | , , , , ,
Watched the film, read the reviews, here's the outlook for the Detroit Lions this 2010 offseason. Offense Young first-round picks at the quarterback, running back and wide receiver positions are moot if your offensive line can’t block. Detroit learned this the hard way in 2009. Their offense was doomed the instant guards Manny Ramirez and Stephen Peterman took the field. Besides having no raw power, Ramirez and Peterman – and their occasional replacements Jon [...] Continue reading → | , , ,
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