Bills COO, Russ Brandon announced this week that all front office personal will suffer pay cuts due to the recent work stoppage between both NFL players and owners. The pay cuts are geared around  employees annual salary, ultimately being a percentage deduction. Moreover, the highest paid employees will receive the biggest cut.  Mr. Brandon refers to the cuts as, "prudent preparations for the possibility of a work stoppage", when the season starts. Brandon would go on to mention the shared disappointment of the work stoppage with NFL fans and Buffalo Bills season ticket holders, " the Bills will continue their daily business operations in preparing for the season." Other teams around the league are doing something very similar, but some are not. Most notably, the Colts have [...] Continue reading → | , , , , , ,
They've looked at Bob Sanders, and now can focus their attention on the combine. There is no question that defense is the priority for fixing this offseason in Jacksonville. Number one priority: help the defensive secondary that highly struggled these past few seasons. Youngster Derek Cox and Rashean Mathis are in desperate need of help with quality players at both safety positions and cornerback. The Jaguars have spent the past two seasons swapping in safeties and cornerbacks with late-round draft picks and non-drafted free agents.  The two that received the most playing time this year were Don Carey and Courtney Greene. As said time and time again, this team plays with the likes of Peyton Manning and Matt Schaub twice a year, so the need for talented safeties and [...] Continue reading → | , , , , , , , , , ,
After being released by the Indianapolis Colts, often injured Bob Sanders will meet with the Jacksonville Jaguars, reported by's Jason La Canfora. A move that would be less than shocking for a team with as many secondary woe's as Jacksonville, Sanders would add an ex-Pro Bowler and divsional rival to the team. The obvious set back would be the amount of injuries that Sanders has had over the past three seasons. After being selected the defensive player of the year in 2007, Sanders has not stayed healthy, in fact, not even close to healthy.  Playing a combined nine games in the past three years. Despite the injuries, the Jaguars are a team who got a great look at Sanders with the amount of times that they have played him.  Sanders would be a great addition to this [...] Continue reading → | , , , , , , ,
Sunday may end up being one of the biggest games in Jaguars history. The Jags travel to Indianapolis to face the defending AFC South champion Colts. With a win, the Jaguars will become 9-5, and clinch the AFC South and a spot in the playoffs.  With a loss, the Jaguars will need to pray for a cold spell to fall upon the Colts. In what will be a very physical game, the Jaguars will need to figure out a way to stop the passing attack of Peyton Manning, or at least find a way to contain it. The Jaguars made Jason Campbell look like Tom Brady this past Sunday, despite being able to come back and defeat the tough Raiders, 38-31.  This Sunday, the Jaguars will need Rashean Mathis and Derek Cox to be shutdown corners, and hope that Don Carey and Sean Considine (assuming Courtney [...] Continue reading → | , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
With all the recent changes and restrictions going on this season in the NFL I thought I'd do a continuing series (not exactly sure how many parts there will be in this series) going in-depth and reflecting on the NFL's new era of football and see what the reaction is. SEATTLE- Across America  the National Football League's rich history spreads from Buffalo all the way to Seattle and 30 more cities in between. Since the creating of the league in 1920, and expansion in 1966, the NFL has been one of the most popular sports in American history. One of the main reasons for the leagues success has been the strength in dynastic teams such as the Packers of the 60's, Steelers of the 70's, 49ers of the 80's and the Cowboys of the 90's. Even as recently as the 2000's the New [...] Continue reading → | , , , , , ,
Linebacker Nick Roach has been pretty quiet this season. Roach didn't beat out veteran Pisa Tinoisamoa for the starting linebacker job next to Brian Urlacher and Lance Briggs this off-season. Roach has been playing on special teams all season, but it feels like he never makes a play. Roach has three solo tackles this season in five games. I would have played [...] Continue reading → | , , , , , , , , , , , ,
The Buffalo Bills concluded their preseason with a loss to the Detroit Lions on Ford Field. The worst part about this loss is that they led most of the game. Although it is preseason, no one can dispute the issue that the Bills needed to go out on a high note so that momentum would be on their side heading into the regular season. The Bills open the regular season on September 12th against the Miami Dolphins. This game was more than just a loss it was also the last game before 19 players were cut for the final 53 man roster. For now, as mentioned previously, the Bills lost to the Lions 23-28. This game also helped with the final decision of Trent Edwards being named the starting QB for the Bills this season. However, this can change depending on how well Edwards does once the season [...] Continue reading → | , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Shawn Nelson will begin his second season with the Buffalo Bills on the sidelines. Nelson was suspended this week for the first four games of the 2010 season for violating the NFL's substance-abuse policy. Drafted in the fourth round in last years draft out of Southern Mississippi, Nelson was on his way to starting at the TE spot again after a solid rookie season. During his rookie season, Nelson caught 17 passes for 156 yards. Nelson, will be able to participate in the last two preseason games [...] Continue reading → | , , , , , , , , , ,
The Bills played their second preseason game in stellar fashion last night, and it wasn't just because of the final score or because they played in Toronto. On both sides of the ball, the Bills were a surprise to say the least. With it being preseason, I am not going to break down quarter by quarter, but I will share with you some of the better things that happened. First, lets go ahead and tackle the big issue at hand. C.J. Spiller and the running back core. C.J. had a great game, period. [...] Continue reading → | , , , , , , , , , , ,
My apologies for missing number five in my countdown, but I unfortunately had no access to the internet yesterday. That having been said, lets get this ball rolling again. The San Diego Chargers lucked out this year, as they seem to have one of the easiest schedules in the NFL. Outside of the AFC West games (Kansas City, Denver, and Oakland), the Chargers play Seattle, Jacksonville, Arizona, St. Louis, New England, Tennessee, Houston, Indianapolis, San Francisco, and Cincinnati. Of those teams, only New England, Tennessee, Cincinnati, and Indianapolis pose serious threats. Here's a quick breakdown of why I excluded the other teams: 1. Kansas City: Rebuilding. What else is there to say. 2. Oakland: The Raiders have had [...] Continue reading → | , , , , , ,
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