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Carolina Panthers predictions

Well, the bad news is, the Carolina Panthers are bringing back virtually the same team they had a year ago, only with perhaps more Opening Day questions under center and a coaching staff that, thanks to the lockout, has spent about as much time with its players as you’ve spent reading this opening sentence. But the good news is Carolina only has to win three games to claim a “fifty percent increase” on victories from a year ago. It’s actually not all gloomy. Ron Rivera, the longtime defensive assistant who gets his much-deserved first coaching job after years of unsuccessful interviews, is inheriting a team that’s not nearly as bad as most defending cellar-dwellers . Last season’s 2-14 faceplant was an anomaly brought on by the lame duck status of head [...] Continue reading → | Cam Newton 2011, Cam Newton Panthers, Carolina Panthers 2011, Carolina Panthers predictions, Carolina Panthers preview, Panthers preview 2011
Before training camp starts Thursday for the Carolina Panthers, I wanted to have some final predictions. The offseason for the Panthers has been a rollercoaster with many ups and downs. Where is this team at before training camp starts? Is this a team that can compete for the division and make a playoff run to save John Fox’s job? Will the inexperience of having the NFL’s youngest roster have a huge effect down the stretch if the Panthers are positioning for a playoff spot? Can you look at what the [...] Continue reading → | Carolina Panthers predictions
In Peter King’s Monday Morning Quarterback column, he introduced his power rankings, which are an indication of his 2010 NFL predictions.  King had the Carolina Panthers ranked eighth, which really surprised me. The Panthers have talent on the roster, but I think this position maybe a little high for a young team in a tough division that includes the defending Super Bowl Champion New Orleans Saints and the up-and-coming Atlanta Falcons. King’s reasoning behind the Panthers nice spot in the NFL pecking order is the play of quarterback Matt Moore in the final three games of the season. King points out that after John Fox [...] Continue reading → | 2010 NFL Predictions, Carolina Panthers predictions, matt moore, Peter King
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