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Carolina Panthers Offensive Line

Does Jason Cole of Yahoo have it out for the Carolina Panthers?  I am starting to think he does after I read he had the Panthers’ offensive line ranked 19th  in the NFL.  Yes, that’s right, 19th out of 32 offensive lines. I am not sure where Cole was getting his information, but I respectfully disagree with where he thinks the Panthers’ offensive line is [...] Continue reading → | Carolina Panthers Offensive Line, Jeff Otah, jordan gross, Ryan Kalil
Injuries during a football season are always something you want to avoid.  Teams that can find ways to stay healthy normally put themselves in a good position to win games late in the season.  In 2009, the Carolina Panthers lost two key players during the middle of the season, and both are now looking to return in 2010 to help the Panthers contend for the NFC South title. Thomas Davis, Linebacker:  Before he went down with a torn ACL and missed the last eight games of the 2009 season, Davis was a tackling machine for the Panthers.  He was averaging about 8 tackles a game and was on pace for around 130 tackles for the season pri [...] Continue reading → | Carolina Panthers Linebackers, Carolina Panthers Offensive Line, jordan gross, thomas davis
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