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Buffalo Bills preview

It’d be easy to declare the Buffalo Bills a broken franchise. They won all of four games a year ago and haven’t reached the postseason since the Clinton administration. Their small Western New York market has spilled into Canada, but even that foreign venture and Ralph Wilson Stadium’s healthy attendance figures aren’t enough to slow the rumors about the club’s possible relocation to Los Angeles. But the Bills are not a broken franchise; owner Ralph Wilson’s staff has not brought all these hardships on itself. General manager Buddy Nix and head coach Chan Gailey have a plan. Is it a save-the-day/Cinderella story-in-the-making type plan? Probably not. It’s more like the type of plan an independent film director would have, [...] Continue reading → | Bills 2011 predictions, Buffalo Bills predictions, Buffalo Bills preseason, Buffalo Bills preview
On the surface, it's a brilliant move on a multitude of levels.  For starters, by bringing in Terrell Owens, you get a premium go-to receiver who has posted 3,587 yards and caught a league-high 38 touchdowns over the past three seasons. The fact that his $6 million contract is valid for only one year means you have insurance against his advanced age (36 in December) and notorious contemptuousness. Owens will attract enough coverage to allow superstar Lee Evans to, you know, actually to be a superstar. Owens’s presence will also unclog the throwing lanes of developing third-year quarterback [...] Continue reading → | Bills 2009 preview, Buffalo Bills preseason, Buffalo Bills preview, Buffalo Bills preview report, Terrell Owens Bills
Buffalo Bills [...] Continue reading → | analysis, Buffalo Bills preview, commentary, predictions
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