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This is more of a short letter than an article, but you know I like to make crossover references in Patriots articles when adequate/appropriate.  With the NFL about to complete its fourth month of labor strife, it has not exactly been a great time to create new content. But even through the lockout, the NFL has proven to be a copycat league.  In what might be unprecedented even in football, the NFL has seen another American professional sports league follow its steps; in this case, the NBA is set to lock out its players.  And as someone who may be more plugged in to basketball than football (surprise!), I fully expect the NBA lockout to be significantly worse than the NFL lockout. I remember 1998-1999; I was [...] Continue reading → | , , , , , , , , , ,
It's been fun writing NFL articles this fall covering the New England Patriots, but something I've found myself explaining to a lot of people as of late is that football is not my number one sport.  Football comes a close second behind basketball.  I have more experience playing, watching, and analyzing basketball.  I'm always looking for an opportunity to connect two things that normally don't go together, sometimes to an extreme.  So after seeing that the Boston Celtics held the Charlotte Bobcats to a franchise low 59 points last week, a great (RE: terrible) idea emerged after also remembering the Patriots' "mercifully" scoring 59 points on the Tennessee Titans: What would the New England Patriots look like as a basketball team? BOSTON PATRIOTS: [...] Continue reading → | , , ,
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