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bank of america stadium

The last time Carolina Panthers head coach John Fox watched his team warm up before a home game, you could find him joking with his fellow coaches and a few of his players, smiling as the thought of playoff glory ran through his mind.  Little did he know, that by the time the seats behind him returned to their empty status, his team would be packing its bags for an early offseason after being embarrassed by the Cinderella-esque Arizona Cardinals. Tonight, the Panthers will take the field at "The Bank" for the first time since that dreadful night. Jake Delhomme will come under center in front of the home fans for the first time since throwing five picks and losing a fumble in that game, solidifying his title of public enemy number one around Charlotte. For the last seven months, [...] Continue reading → | bank of america stadium, Carolina Panthers, jake delhomme, john fox, NFL, nfl preseason
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