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Antonio Pierce

One day...a bunch of egomaniacs will put down there pride and move on.  And realize the rest of us....are just trying to make it through the day! Let's talk football...why?   Because we can. Did you ever see a player....who just had "IT"? It might be a player that at one time you didn't know his name, his college stats, his bench press, or his hometown.   But when he stepped on the field he made everything more exciting?   The more you watched, the [...] Continue reading → | 2011 NFL Draft, Antonio Pierce, Barry Cofield, Casey Matthews, Justin Tuck, New York Giants, Oregon Ducks Football
I stopped playing college football in 1991 and I have never looked back.  I rely on the experts to educate me on who, what and why for the NFL draft. Recently I have had two dozen people tell me that the Giants need LB Brandon Spikes from the Florida Gators. Excited about a big time linebacker...I looked up his stats. Brandon Spikes, is the cousin of Takeo Spikes who has been a linebacker in the NFL for 11 years with the Bengals, Bills, Eagles and currently the San Fransisco 49ers.  Brandon has done some nice things for the Gators; including coming back for his senior year instead of entering the draft as a junior. Brandon is no doubt a very good football player; however, I was concerned that his production slipped every year since his sophomore season at Florida.   He [...] Continue reading → | 2010 NFL Draft, Antonio Pierce, Brandon Spikes, Florida Gators, New York Giants, Takeo Spikes
Not in any particular order I have accumulated a list of names.... Harry Carson, Junior Seau, Zack Thomas, Ray Lewis, Jack Lambert, Patrick Willis, Mike Singletary, Sam Mills, Jon Beason, Chris Spielman, Dick Butkus, Brian Urlacher. What do they all have in common? They all played middle linebacker. Whatever decade they played in...they played the position angry. They lived to stuff running backs and deliver punishment. This is what the Giants need anchoring their defense...anger, dedication, and athleticism! Remember the days when Giants defense was stout and the man in middle was Harry Carson? I can picture Carson and his blood stained white pants as he [...] Continue reading → | Antonio Pierce, defense, Fred Robbins, Harry Carson, John Madden, New York Giants, Osi Umenyira
So what are the 2010 New York Giants going to look like? Well, at this point no one knows what the team general, Jerry Reese has in store. However, since we are ringing in the New Year, lets look at who should be back, who should be starting, and who should be given a bus ticket. It's sure to be an eventful off season for the New York Giants—and because of the way the 2009 season ended, we are all looking forward to changes. Antonio Pierce: Antonio Pierce was an undrafted linebacker out of Arizona in 2001. After four years with the Washington Redskins, AP signed with the New York Giants and was an intricate member of the Superbowl 42 team. The leadership and direction the Giants Defensive Captain brought to the table was [...] Continue reading → | Aaron Ross, Antonio Pierce, Fred Robbins, Jonathan Goff, Lawrence Tynes, NY Giants, Sinorice Moss
Heartless. On a day that was supposed to be filled with great NY Giant memories as fans and players saluted the house that Wellington Mara built, the NY Giants football team laid down with the most uninspiring play I have ever seen. Even with Hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor, arguably the best linebacker the NFL has ever seen and clearly the most dominant player to ever wear Giant blue, in the house, this squad could not find enough inspiration to stop the Carolina Panthers on "one" of their first five offensive drives. The aftermath was just as gutless, as Osi Umenyiora, who is supposed to be one of the team's defensive leaders complained about his playing time, lack of snaps, and the end of his career as a New York Giant. Hey,'re under contract, so how about you keep [...] Continue reading → | 2009 NFL Playoffs, Antonio Pierce, Carl Banks, Carolina Panthers, Eli Manning, Giants defense, Harry Carson, Justin Tuck, Lawrence Taylor, Michael Boley, Michael Strahan, Tom Coughlin
What usually happens when a player goes on injured reserve? History shows us that these players disappear from the public eye. Kiwanuka broke his leg 3 seasons a go...where did he go? Shockey broke his leg 3 years ago...where did he go? Aaron Ross had been on injured reserve for roughly 10 weeks with a mysterious injury...where did he go? Osi Umenyiora blew out his knee last year...where did he go? You get my point? Over the last 2 weeks there is a certain person who has been very visual on the sidelines and he has made his presence felt amongst his teammates. That someone is Antonio Pierce. I'm not sure what this guy has left in the tank for next season, but [...] Continue reading → | Antonio Pierce, Clint Sintim, Jonathan Goff, Osi Umenyiora, Tom Coughlin
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