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Albert Haynesworth Redskins

Stop me if you've heard this before: A powerful public figure in Washington feels some heat from his constituents after another year of mediocrity and underperformance. Needing to instill optimism, said public figure goes out and identifies a problem that's just relevant enough to distract people from the more complicated (and much larger) problem. In a brilliant ploy at producing immediate short-term prosperity, the public figure throws wads of money at the small the problem, then talks publicly about the large problem in terms vague enough to make everyone forget about it a few weeks later. Ladies and gentlemen…the Washington [...] Continue reading → | Albert Haynesworth Redskins, Jason Campbell contract, Redskins 2009 preseason, Redskins 2009 training camp, Washington Redskins 2009
One-liner analysis on every significant Redskins player and offseason move. Washington Redskins Predicted: 4th NFC East 2008 record: 8-8 (4th NFC [...] Continue reading → | Albert Haynesworth Redskins, Jason Campbell contract, Washington Redskins depth chart, Washington Redskins roster, Washington Redskins training camp
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