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Will the Bears bring back veteran center Olin Kreutz? The veteran center is entering his 13th NFL season. He has spent all 12 of his seasons with the Bears. Kreutz was voted to six straight Pro Bowls from 2001-2006. He's not the elite center he once was, but he is a leader and the Bears want to keep the offensive line intact. The Bears offensive line last season gave [...] Continue reading → | 2011 Free Agency, 49ers, Bears, Bears free agents, bearsbacker, chicago, CHINFL, NFL Lockout, olin kreutz
The Bills, like the rest of the NFL, are going into week seven with high hopes of a win, but the Bills are only one of two teams in the NFL with no wins. Yes, this prestigious honor of being win less also belongs to the Carolina Panthers. It's ashamed that anyone has to been winless in today's NFL, but it is reality. If only the NFL could make an executive decision and instead of having the Bills play the Ravens and the Panthers play the 49'ers this week, the NFL could have the Bills and Panthers play each [...] Continue reading → | 2010 Predictions, 49ers, Baltimore Ravens, Buffalo Bills, Carolina Panthers, NFL league rankings, NFL playoffs, NFL week 7, Ray Lewis
What do the Carolina Panthers, San Francisco 49'ers and the Buffalo Bills have in common? All three hold the dubious honor of being win less so far this season. The Bills are now 0-5 thanks to a lose to the Jaguars on Sunday by a score of 36-26. Although the offense looks much improved since the QB change two weeks ago, the defense gave up to many points in the second half of the game to the Jags offense. With this said, lets dissect the bad first. The Bills defense, which had one the of best backfields last season, gave up three touchdowns and 178 yards passing, compliments of David Garrard. The two bright spots on defense was the interception by inside linebacker, Andra Davis and two sacks by Marcus Stroud and Reggie Corner.Another sad statics was the defense allowing the Jags to [...] Continue reading → | 49ers, Baltimore Ravens, bills, Buffalo Bills, Bye Week, Jags, NFL Rookie, Panthers, Universty of Kentucky
With several teams falling just short of the playoffs this year, it begs the question, what of these teams can find a way to secure the two or three extra wins necessary to take themselves into the playoffs.  This mid-range covers all 7-9 and 8-8 teams, as well as the 9-7’s that fell short of a wildcard berth. Chicago Bears The Bear narrowly avoided entrance to the first list by way of back to back wins to close out the year.  A preseason darling for a deep postseason run, Chicago lands itself as one of the biggest disappointments of the year. Why They Can: Defensive emotional leader Brian Urlacher was gone for the year.  With him back the team will have more fire and swagger.  Jay Cutler may be turnover prone, but he can air the [...] Continue reading → | 49ers, atlanta, Bears, Broncos, carolina, chicago, Denver, Dolphins, falcons, Football, Giants, houston, Jacksonville, Jaguars, Miami, New York, NFL, Panthers, pittsburgh, Playoffs, san francisco, Steelers, tennessee, Texans, Titans
While all teams have their fair share of ups and downs, no team can turn on a dime quite as masterfully as the Arizona Cardinals. One week after making one of the most complete teams in the league look like a JV squad,  beating the then 10-1 Vikings convincingly in prime time, they returned to the field wearing flip flops and sun hats, sipping piña coladas through curly straws. Well okay not really, but they may as well have because they certainly didn't show up to play football against the 49ers. After the Vikings game, ESPN's Mike Sando [...] Continue reading → | 49ers, Awful, Cardinals, Flawless
With a win Monday Night, the Cardinals can wrap up their second straight NFC West crown. The 49ers would like nothing more than to play spoiler to a team they really don't care for. As Darnell Dockett points out, ""We're talking about the only team in the division to beat us the last two years," defensive lineman Darnell Dockett said. "This is probably the most exciting game of the year for me. It's going to be a physical, grinding game with a ton of trash talk on both sides." [...] Continue reading → | 49ers, Darnell Dockett, Nate Clements, New and Improved Cardinals
Wow!  Last week was a nail biting, hair pulling, gut checking and heart stressing win.  I started the game nervous, by half time I was feeling good, by the end of three I was nervous again and with two minutes left I was a screaming mess of nerves and high blood pressure.  Thank you Texans defense. Our Houston Texans ran up a 21 - 0 lead at half time while limiting the 49er offense to a whole 50 yards of total offense and then almost let it get away.  A few years ago, heck even last year, I would not have given them a chance even with this score but this year is different.  I thought they had this in the bag and was ready for a final score of say, umm I don't know, 35 - 3 or so.  Instead we got 24 - 21. The good news, our run defense showed up again, we had a pass rush ( for [...] Continue reading → | 49ers, Houston Texans, niners, S.F. 49er's, Texans
A couple months ago around the draft I posted an article titled "Protecting The 49ers Signal Caller." In said article I talked about what the team needed as far as offensive line help. I talked about the Niners needs at the right tackle position and both guard positions. The top prospects were Eugene Monroe, Jason Smith, Andre Smith and Michael Oher. I talked about the team and their tenth pick and who would be suitable. The 49ers did not take an offensive lineman in the entire draft, while it was considered to be one of the team's biggest needs. Fast forward a little while and the 49ers are looking like they knew what they were doing, they signed a kid by the name of Alex Boone who could be the right tackle of the future and they signed a veteran in Marvel Smith. Throughout [...] Continue reading → | 49ers, 49ers quarterback, chilo rachal benching, offensive line, San Francisco 49ers, Shaun Hill
Paying Close Attention To Numbers 2-0 sure does feel good to start the season. Even better, the team is 2-0 in the NFC West after wins over division rivals Arizona Cardinals and Seattle Seahawks in weeks one and two. How about some even better numbers for you? Quarterback Shaun Hill is now 9-3 as a starter and remains undefeated at Candlestick Park. How about some more numbers? QB Shaun Hill has an 87.8 QB rating thus far and has thrown zero interceptions, one of only five QBs yet to throw one so far this season. HB Frank Gore is just the second running back of all time to have two touchdown runs of over 75 yards in a single game. The other? Legendary running back Barry Sanders.  Gore also accounts for all four of the team's offensive touchdowns so far this season. [...] Continue reading → | 2-0, 49ers, 49ers notes, NFC West, San Francisco 49ers
An interesting idea came to me today.  The San Fransisco 49ers unsigned first round pick, WR Michael Crabtree, does not want to sign with the 49ers and, if they do sign him, it would cost a lot them a lot of cap room. The Seahawks decided to pass on Crabtree for Wake Forest LB Aaron Curry.  However, on draft day, as the Seahawks were making their pick, you could see that Crabtree [...] Continue reading → | 49ers, Deion Branch, Michael Crabtree, NFL draft, Seahawks, Seattle
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