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2009 NFL season

Well the 2009 NFL season has ended for our Houston Texans and still no playoff berth.  That is the bad news. The good news is that our favorite team has posted their FIRST winning record in their short 7 years in the league. So as we all prepare to watch Indy and everyone else play on into the post season it is time to look back at the Texans season and try to find the problems that remain with the team and what to fix for next year. With this in mind lets look at some stats from this year.  The offense lead the way this year (as usual) ranking #10 in the league overall.  While that may sound pretty good to you let's look deeper into that ranking. The Texans ranked #1 in passing yards per game, but #30 in rushing yards per game.  That needs to change if we want to make a [...] Continue reading → | 2009 NFL season, Houston Texans, Texans, Texans 2009 stats, Week 17
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