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Steelers QB Roethlisberger could interest Seattle Seahawks

March 14, 2010 by

Ben Roethlisberger

With Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback recently being in the news for harassment as well as other possible charges involving an incident outside Atlanta, the Rooney family is not so high on Big Ben. This is his second off the field incident (he’s currently fighting a civil suit in Nevada for sexual assault) and could be willing to part with the star quarterback.

The Steelers have said they would be content with current backup Dennis Dixon as the team’s starting quarterback or could acquire one via the NFL draft, but Dixon would be the more immediate choice.

So who would be interested in the 28-year old quarterback?

The Seattle Seahawks, led by new head coach Pete Carroll, would be the first team that would be a great fit for Roethlisberger. Seattle is rumor to be searching for a new franchise quarterback to replace the aging Matt Hasselbeck.

So far Kevin Kolb, Jimmy Clausen, Derek Anderson, Charlie Whitehurst and possibly Donovan McNabb are on Pete Carroll’s “possible quarterback list”. Could Ben Roethlisberger’s name be added to that list?


If you look at the situation that is currently in front of Pete Carroll, there would be no better option than Ben Roethlisberger.

You also have to look at it from the Pittsburgh Steelers’ point of view, with their franchise taking a step back this past season.

The Steelers currently hold the No. 18 overall pick in the upcoming draft, which is too far for Jimmy Clausen and Sam Bradford to fall. Then you have to look at the next few quarterbacks in the draft with Colt McCoy, Tim Tebow, Jevan Sneed and others.

With Seattle holding the No. 6, No. 14 and No. 40 overall picks in the draft as well as a few players the Steelers would be interested in to fill some holes on defense it would seem that both teams could come to an agreement on a trade.

The Seahawks currently have linebackers David Hawthorne and Leroy Hill, who can both fill the Steelers need at linebacker (more likely Hill because he’s an inside linebacker-type  talent with experience, where as Hawthorne is still a backup).

The most logical trade proposal involving the Seahawks-Steelers and Ben Roethlisberger would be this:

The Seahawks send the No. 14 pick, No. 101 pick, second-round pick in 2011 and Leroy Hill to the Steelers for Ben Roethlisberger and a third-round pick in the 2010 draft.

It gives the Steelers a top 15 pick in the 2010 Draft where they could fill their offensive line issues at either guard with Idaho’s Mike Iupati or an offensive tackle like Anthony Davis from Rutgers, Trent Williams from Oklahoma or Bruce Campbell from Maryland — whoever is still available.

Then it gives Pittsburgh a starting inside linebacker in their 3-4 defense who can come in right away and make an immediate impact, and is also signed through 2013. Also, with the added 2011 pick, it gives them options to make a later trade for another first-round pick in 2011 should they decide they want another first-round pick.

What it gives the Seahawks is a proven, talented, young starting quarterback who has already won two Super Bowls (one against Seattle) and can make everyone else around him better.

The Seahawks would be giving up a lot in order to get Roethlisberger, but it gives the Seahawks what they’ve been searching for: a true franchise quarterback who’s already signed long-term and one that you don’t have to groom behind Hasselbeck or try to build through the draft in the later rounds.

Also, when you look at the Seahawks giving up the No. 14 pick in the draft for Roethlisberger, you have to look at the possibilities of who they could be drafting compared to what Roethlisberger would bring.

Defensive end Derrick Morgan, offensive tackle Anthony Davis, running back C.J Spiller would not bring the immediate impact that Roethlisberger would.

Plus, if the Seahawks were to make this trade, it still leaves them with the No. 6 overall pick, as well as a third-round pick where they could pickup an offensive tackle to fit in Alex Gibbs’ zone blocking scheme.

Additionally, if the Seahawks wanted to really make their offense a complete Super Bowl caliber offense, they could seal the deal on Broncos’ restricted free agent Brandon Marshall and sign him to an offer sheet giving Roethlisberger a true No. 1 wide receiver.

It’s not really asking a lot….it just has a lot of moving parts. It’s an interesting scenario, one that could become a reality should the Steelers and the Rooney family decides they don’t want their team picture tarnished by Roethlisberger’s off-field problems.


Talking with ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the rumors about the New York Jets trading for Brandon Marshall “have no legs”, so consider that Marshall rumor along with the Bengals rumor of bogus, the Seattle Seahawks still remain the only real team involved with Brandon Marshall.

-The Seahawks signed former Patriots tight-end Chris Baker to a two-year contract, making him the No. 2 tight-end behind John Carlson.

– The Seahawks are still negotiating with restricted free agent quarterback Charlie Whitehurst, but not deal is official as of yet.

You can follow Lars at Twitter http://twitter.com/larshanson

Check out Lars’ sports blog: http://hansonsportsblog.blogspot.com/

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    22 Responses to “Steelers QB Roethlisberger could interest Seattle Seahawks”
    • Jay says:

      Dream On. No the Seahawks don’t want your Rapistberger.

    • nick says:

      Dumbest idea ever.
      Leroy Hill an inside linebacker?
      Hawthorne no experience?
      Oh yeah and we will give the steelers our entire draft class of 2010 and a first rounder in 2011 for the most despised QB by seahawk fans (who hasn’t won a superbowl without the refs help) and a third rounder.
      If this happens ill just watch reruns of old seahawk’s games every sunday until Ben retires or gets in another massive accident.

    • charlie says:

      I am a HUGE Seasquawks fan. While I am all for unloading Hasselbeck (we call him Fragileback), what makes the writer of this article think that Seattle-ites want a 2x accused rapist as their team’s quarterback? At the very least, “Big Ben” is a Big Tool – and he very well could be a serial rapist. At the very least, he will embarras the team with further off-field “bad judgement.”

      Anyway, I just wanted to point out the fundamental weakness with this article – it is premised on the Steeler organization getting rid of Big Ben due to his off field problems – it then discusses a possible new home for him, without discussing the impact of his off – field issues on said new home. Does Pete Carroll not care about rape accusations? Nor the Seahawks organization? How about their owner – do you even know who owns the Squawks? Very poor article. p.s. – Why would we want McNabb? He is even more washed up than Hasselbeck.

    • GJGriz says:

      Terrible idea. Seattle waited 30 years to finally see the Seahawks go to the Superbowl. They totally dominated Pittsburgh, with the best offensive line in the league, steamrolling up and down the field. Pittsburgh was completely helpless to stop them, but the referees repeatedly called ridiculous penalties to stop Seattle.

      We have lost many playoff games, and hold nothing against teams that legitimately beat them, but Pittsburgh did NOT beat them. In fact, with fair officiating, Seattle not only would have won the game, but devout Pittsburgh fans would have turned the game off by the end of the third quarter, or much sooner.

    • seahawklovertoo says:

      Hey genius, how about you Pittsb-URGH ! idiots spend some money on educating your sports celebrities in civic etiquette instead on paying-off refs ?? That way you wont have to live through situations like this. You can keep your Switzerland neanderthal moron. If you are so desperate to get rid of him, wrap him in few dollar bills and throw him in the city dump are ( Downtown Pittsb-URGH) ; that way some begger will take him.
      Seattle has to much class to have that kind of garbage pollute us.

    • lars hanson says:

      Nick: Leroy Hill would be an ILB in PITT and yes Hawthorne is not as experianced as Leroy Hill is, only a 2-year pro. And actually if you read the article it’s a 1st and a 4th in 2010 and a 2nd in 2011, not a 1st in 2011.

      Charlie: The case in Nevada was said to be false and this one does not have too much to stand on. I’ll go throught the errors you said there are. The Seahawks are a class organization who also can bring in a troubled player and turn him around off the field.

      The last part of yorur comment is to sad to even warrent a comment.

      GJ: Yes Seattle waited a long time to get to SBXL however their defense got burned on three big plays without any flags so that’s how they lost. You are the type of Seahawk fans that make the 12th man nation look bad for actually thinking the refs screwed seattle.

      Paul Allen even admited seattle lost to a better Pittsburgh team, not because of the refs. Also the Rooney family is a class ownership family and doesnt need the refs to win a SB, shown against the Cardinals.

      I’ll chip in a buy you a copy of the SBXL game so you can see how idiotic your comment sounds. Love passion but keep your pride and respect at the same time.

    • gjgriz says:

      Lars, Seattle’s offense was UNSTOPPABLE, steamrolling up and down the field. They would have scored 30 points at least with fair officiating, but EVERY time they got close, the refs stopped them with ridiculous penalties.
      Meanwhile, Pittsburgh players were tackling Seattle players when they had the ball and the refs ignored it. The most obvious example was on Ben’s touchdown when Leroy Hill got dragged down from behind to keep him from tackling Ben.
      Paul Allen has to be diplomatic, and doesn’t want to draw too much attention to the FACT that the officiating gave the WRONG team the victory. But Seattle stomped Pittsburgh.

    • gjgriz says:

      By the way, I mean no disrespect to the Rooney’s or to the Steelers organization. I am certain that there was no conspiracy on their part.

    • lars hanson says:

      GJ: Well don’t forget some of the drops Seattle had in the end-zone. It’s hard to fairly say what would have happened but the truth is the Steelers went back to another super bowl and won another super bowl with Big Ben, the Seahawks have been dying off since 2007.

      Well I don’t blame the Rooney family, I do believe Bill Cowher did something though.

    • GJGriz says:

      lars, first of all, the dropped passes and allowing a couple big plays are NOT the reason Seattle lost the Superbowl. This ONLY shows that Seattle did not play a perfect, flawless football game.

      Are you implying that they lost the game because they didn’t play a perfect game? By that “logic,” nobody would ever win a football game because nobody has ever played a perfect game. Please tell me you see the absurdity in that!

      Any objective person can see that Seattle clearly played much better than Pittsburgh. Yes, even including the dropped passes and a couple big plays for Pittsburgh, Seattle clearly was the better team, by a big margin!

      The absurd officiating kept Pittsburgh in the game, in spite of total domination by Seattle in the first half, and even somewhat superior play in the second half. Finally, Pittsburgh managed to find a way to score some points. But without the absurd officiating, Seattle would have been way ahead and it wouldn’t have mattered.

      Yes, Pittsburgh won another Superbowl. But what does this have to do with SB XL? NOTHING! Nice attempt to sidestep the travesty of SB XL.

    • bigmaq says:

      Lars, I with you on this one. It would be huge for the Hawks. However, I don’t see the Steelers letting go of Ben.

    • Seahawks4Ever says:

      Hey, I was Seahawk fan back then, I became a fan as soon as we got past the wild card round. Wow, that seemed to take forever. Given that I watched maybe 4 or 5 football games in my life, I have to agree with you totally. We did everything necessary to win a SB. We were running up and down the field. To this day people are talking about how unbelievable our offense was. Some have said that the league thought it was too good — Hasselbeck’s passes were so fast the camera couldn’t capture them. Our defense was so good that at one point Hines Ward was so scared he refused to go in. Bill Cowher had to have him injected with water buffalo testosterone just to get him back in the huddle. And those Steelers cheated so bad!!! And they paid off the refs!!! Everybody knows that. Even that tubby guy who used to coach us said that. He should know, he has a great football mind. That’s why he’s in Cleveland now.

      And yes, Pittsburgh managed to find a way to score a few points. Through cheating! That 75 yard run by Parker. Seriously, would a NFL-caliber defense give that up without the other team cheating? And what about the Randel-El pass to Ward? That’s not allowed, is it? We never practiced against that! And the rapist’s 3 and 28 completion. If the refs allow a guy to scramble like that how can our front 7 catch him? It’s just not fair! No wonder we couldn’t play any good after that. How could we? We played so good and nobody cared! And all those terrible towels at the game. That was just so unfair! I heard it hurt some of our guys’ feelings.

      Oh, well. Not like I spent much time on the sport. I just went back to playing video games in my parents’ basement. Some of those games are so unfair! They remind me of those couple of weeks I watched football. I still like that post of Hasselbeck and the other guy with their shirts off. I have that up next to my computer.

    • lars hanson says:

      GJ: I just finished watching the game (SBXL) and I’ll break it down for you. Josh Brown missed 2 FG’s which would have given them 6 PTS. Now DJacks’s TD would have made it 10 7 at half time with Seattle up 3.

      Then add in the Willie Parker big play TD would make it 14 10 PIT, and then Antwan Randle El’s TD throw to Ward would make it 21 10 add in Jeremy Stevens TD 21 17. Seattle still would have lost.

      So even with your Djack TD reversal Seattle STILL LOST THE SB. Face the facts and grow a set. Seattle lost SB 40 even with Darrell Jackson’s TD.

      If Josh Brown had made his 2 FG’s then it would be 23 21 Seattle but he misssed them. So Seattle lost because Brown missed to 2FG’s and Seattle’s defense got burned.

      Bigmaq: Well I’m glad someone realises that from a on-field move it would be huge for the Seahawks but I don’t think it will happen. It is a possiblity though.

      What I really want is Hasselbeck to get a WR (marshall), a OL (Bulaga, and Mike Johnson) and a RB Ryan Mathews or CJ Spiller and get a SB trophy back ot Seattle. Then retire.

    • GJGriz says:

      lars: You had blinders on! Here is the first half:

      First drive: Seattle steamrolls up the field. Then, amazingly, just when they complete a pass to get into field goal range, a very questionable holding call. they end up punting. Clearly, that was a bad call. granted, one could call it holding, but you would call holding on every play if that is holding. Seattle was in scoring position and the refs screwed them over. I will be GENEROUS to Pittsburgh and say Seattle would have only scored a field goal.

      Actual score: 0 – 0. Fair officiating score: 3- 0 Seattle.

      They punt to Pittsburgh, three and out. Again, Seattle steamrolls down the field, and scores a touchdown. But again, the refs call a questionable penalty on them. They settle for field goal, instead of touchdown.

      Actual score: 3 – 0. Fair officiating score: 10 – 0.

      They kick off to Pittsburgh, three and out. Pittsburgh punts, good return, already in field goal range! But once again, the refs make a questionable call against Seattle and the punt return comes back. They get nothing because of another bad call. Again, I will be GENEROUS to Pittsburgh, and say Pittsburgh held them to only a field goal.

      Actual score 3 – 0 . Fair officiating score 13 – 0.

      Pittsburgh finally puts together a drive, gets close to the goal line. It is third down, Ben runs for the goal line. Leroy Hill (56) is going to tackle him at about the three yard line, but he is blatantly grabbed from behind by a Pittsburgh player, and the refs ignore this. This holding penalty would have put Pittsburgh back at the 13 yard line on third down. since I was generous to Pittsburgh by saying Seattle would only score a field goal (twice) then I can say Seattle would have held them to only a field goal here. But since the refs ignored the blatant holding, Pittsburgh gets 7 points.

      Actual score: Pittsburgh 7 Seattle 3. Fair officiating score: Seattle 13 Pittsburgh 3. This should have been the halftime score.

    • GJGriz says:

      lars, here is the second half:

      Third quarter: Pittsburgh scores early. Actual score: Pittsburgh 14 Seattle 3. Fair officiating score: Seattle 13 Pittsburgh 10.

      Pittsburgh threatens again, but Ben throws interception, with big return. Seattle scores quickly. Actual score: Pittsburgh 14 Seattle 10. Fair officiating score: Seattle 20 Pittsburgh 10.

      Late in the third quarter, Pittsburgh punts the ball well, pinning Seattle inside the 5 yard line. This drive PROVED that Seattle had the BEST offensive line in the league. With runs and short passes, they began steamrolling up the field, just like they did in the first quarter. Pittsburgh is helpless to stop them. They are near midfield at the end of the third quarter, and continued marching down the field at start of fourth quarter. They get a first down at the 19, then complete a pass inside the two yard line. Once again, Seattle overcomes adversity and absurd officiating and is ready to take the lead. They were NEVER stopped on third and one all season, so it is clear that they would not have been stopped four times by Pittsburgh. They would have taken the lead and gone ahead 17-14. But wait! Once again, the referees call a ridiculous holding penalty.

      Actual Score: Pittsburgh 14 Seattle 10. Fair officiating score: Seattle 27 Pittsburgh 10. With 12 minutes to go in the game.

      A gadget pass actual score Pittsburgh 21 Seattle 10. Fair officiating makes it Seattle 27 Pittsburgh 17.

      Granted, both teams strategies would have changed with different score. But Seattle was the better team. unfortunately, Pittsburgh was the favorite team of the refs.

    • Michael says:

      IS MORA BACK??? All I’ve heard lately is speculation about bringing in “DIRTBAGS” like Marshall and Rothlisberger!
      I don’t want any abusers of women (OR animals) in Seattle!!! We are one of the few class-act cities left. Lets keep it that way!

    • Jay says:

      Dream On. No, the Seahawks and especially their fans don’t want your Rapistberger.

    • Jim says:

      WHY? Must you people talk garbage on the city of pittsburgh, its fans and the Steelers organization? Its not the fault of any that our franchise quarterback is a total dirtbag. Im a die-hard steeler fan and always will be. I personally want to see Roethlisberger gone out of our city and even out of the NFL!! The Steelers and the Rooney family has been one of the most class-act organizations in the NFL. KEEP YOUR INSULTS TO WHERE THEY NEED TO BE!! ON ROETHISBERGER AND NOT THE STEELERS ORGANIZATION OR THE CITY OF PITTSBURGH AND ITS FANS.

    • Davehawkwave says:

      I have respect for the Steeler organization, but not shady Roethlisberger. I think for all of you reviewing the SB look at the number of holds going on by the Steelers during the Randle El to Ward TD. I know Steeler fans think we are crybabies, but if you guys had only been there once and really thought you were ripped off you would be ticked too. Don’t use the Cardinal SB as an example as the officiating was a little poor then too. I did Love it when the Bradshaw Steelers beat the Damn Cowboys!
      Go HAWKS!!!

    • Mark says:

      Everyone here is basically a seattle fan, forget seattle they have sucked since 07, the steelers have won 2 divisional titles, an afc title and a superbowl all with big ben, trading him would be terrible for the steelers. It would be the bet thing to ever happen to the seahawks, forget about hating him and realize he could even get you some titles!!!!!!!!!

    • Mark says:

      i ment t say that they won all of that since 07

    • Seattle won the game, but the Steelers got the Lombardi. Case Closed!!

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