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State Of The Cardinals-Bye Week

October 3, 2009 by

The Arizona Cardinals came into the season wanting to not only solidify their status as a contender, but to improve and become a consistently good team. They have not done that. They look like the same team that went 9-7 before getting hot in last season’s playoffs. They look like the same team that could utterly dominate one week only to self destruct the next.

The Bye Week’s objectives are therefore fairly obvious. Correct the errors. Get back to basics. Do the things you did so stellar last postseason. Find a way to develop consistency.Pierre Garcon embarrasses DRC with a lethal stiff arm

Eli Wahlstrom from Fanster addresses his view of the Cardinals’ main issues.

Or if you are a Cards fan and want to live the nightmare from Sunday Night, Scott Z Brady’s title alone says all you need to know: “Colts School Cardinals: A Lesson in How Winners Win”

Raising Zona’s Scott Allen also notes inconsistency as one of the Cardinals’ problems.

Mike Sando from ESPN’s NFC West blog thinks the Cardinals need to get Beanie Wells more involved.

So does Bleacher Report’s Kyle Strittholt.

Revenge of the Birds’ Hawkwind breaks down the Cardinal players that have surprised and those that have disappointed through three games, and also gives us a report card for rookies.

Andrew Bagnato is rightfully critical of Arizona’s O-line.

Darren Urban believes this bye comes at a great time, to allow the team to re-focus.

Lets hope they can.

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