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Seattle Seahawks 2010 Roster Rundown

July 7, 2010 by

Quick-hitting analysis on every key contributor to the 2010 Seattle Seahawks.

*new veteran


Head Coach: Pete Carroll (1st year)


Coordinator: Jeremy Bates

QB: Matt Hasselbeck

Most quarterbacks would look washed up if they played behind a bad offensive line and had no run game. Just because he’s 35, don’t assume he’s done.

RB: Julius Jones

Can gain yards when his holes are clearly defined, but that’s the case with most running backs. Biggest problem is he doesn’t change directions very well.

RB: Justin Forsett

Quick and just plain hard to tackle. A dark horse star, but being 5’8”, 194 pounds, he probably won’t get a fulltime load.

FB: Owen Schmitt

Takes over the starting job in his third year after Justin Griffith struggled mightily in 2009.

WR: T.J. Houshmandzadeh

A superstar No. 2 receiver. Great underneath, a difficult cover near the numbers, but doesn’t scare many defenders.

WR: Deon Butler

Saw scant playing time as a third-round rookie last year. Good length amplifies his encouraging athletic tools.

WR: Golden Tate**

Speed makes him lethal running after the catch. The hope is he can be what everyone thought Deion Branch would be.

TE: John Carlson

Can pluck passes on the move and score in the red zone. Plus, he’s improved as a blocker over his first two seasons.

TE: Chris Baker*

Veteran blocking specialist who can catch what you throw him underneath and in the flats. Gives Seattle a much-needed upgrade at the No. 2 TE spot.

LT: Russell Okung**

Welcome to the NFL. In addition to living up to your status as the 6th overall pick, you also get to replace a first ballot Hall of Famer. Have at it.

LG: Ben Hamilton*

A nice fit in Alex Gibbs’s new zone-blocking scheme, though showed serious decline as a pass-blocker in Denver last season.

C: Chris Spencer

A top 10 center when healthy. Problem is, he’s rarely healthy.

RG: Max Unger

His outstanding speed should come in handy in this new system. But even in a zone system, he must drastically improve his strength.

RT: Sean Locklear

Never quite seems to fulfill his potential, but manages to play just well enough to keep critics at bay.

6 OL: Ray Willis

Not quick enough to start at left tackle and too thin in the lower body to be an anchor at right tackle. A swing tackle role is perfect.


Coordinator: Gus Bradley

LDE: Lawrence Jackson

Doesn’t do any single thing particularly well – he’s just a body out there.

DT: Brandon Mebane

High energy and great initial quickness. Focus for him in 2010 is translating his skills into more big plays.

DT: Colin Cole

The closest thing this front four has to a plugger. Solid player, but must prove he can be as impactful in games 12-16 as he is in games 1-4.

RDE: Chris Clemons*

Would be a No. 2 or 3 pass-rushing specialist for about 31 other teams in the NFL.

5 DL: Craig Terrill

Has a good motor and can be a surprisingly effective penetrator at times.

SLB: Aaron Curry

Raging athletic gifts, especially rushing the passer, but awareness issues often made him a major liability as a rookie. Should improve now that he’s back at his collegiate strongside position.

MLB: Lofa Tatupu

Perennial Pro Bowler who missed the final 11 games of ’09 with a torn pectoral. One of the few players in the game fast enough to recover from his missteps.

WLB: David Hawthorne

May have been even better than Tatupu as a MLB last season. Has a penchant for getting in the backfield, and closes on tackles remarkably well.

4 LB: Will Herring

Special teams contributor who will assume a more important backup role if the front office decides to part ways with troubled OLB Leroy Hill.

CB: Marcus Trufant

Bum knee killed his speed and technique last season. Injuries have been a hindrance the past few years.

SS: Lawyer Milloy

Finishing out a stellar career playing with his hometown team. Was a backup last season but, familiar with Pete Carroll’s system, he’ll get a chance to start in 2010.

FS: Earl Thomas**

Coaches hope the first-rounder from Texas can be the playmaking pass defender this D so desperately needs.

CB: Josh Wilson

Not bad, but has a noticeable tendency to give up spacing late in routes. To be honest, he’s only starting because of Seattle’s dearth of cornerback talent.

NB: Kelly Jennings

More comfortable outside than inside (assuming a liberal interpretation of the word “comfort”). Could have a tough time keeping job ahead of fourth-rounder Walter Thurmond.

6 DB: Jordan Babineaux

Can play safety in nickel, linebacker in dime or corner in a pinch.

Special Teams

K: Olindo Mare

Slapped with a $2.814 franchise tag after making a franchise record 21 consecutive field goals last season. Is also excellent on kickoffs.

P: Jon Ryan

Averaged a respectable 46.2 yards per boot last season.

RS: Leon Washington*

Elite scat back and return ace looking to come back from a gruesome compound fracture in his right leg.


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