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Seahawks owner Paul Allen healthy again

September 18, 2010 by

SEATTLE- Paul Allen, the Seahawks owner since 1997 was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin lymphoma, a form of cancer on November 15th 2009. Since that time Allen has been undergoing chemotherapy to reduce or illuminate his cancer and recent test have revealed that he’s “clean”.

Paul Allen, Seahawks owner

During a recent interview with Portland, the other major sports franchise that Allen owns, he told them that his recent test results showed he was clean from his cancer. Allen has recently had former Seahawks and Vulcan Sports CEO Tod Leiweke has his spokesman to speak for him when it comes to Seahawks changes.

Now Leiweke is with the Tampa Bay Lightning of the NHL and Seattle has yet to name his replacement CEO. With Allen now back to full health this is good news for everyone in the Seahawks organization, the owner is back in action.

With the Seahawks rejuvenated under the regime of John Schneider and Pete Carroll it couldn’t be better timing for Allen to receive a new bail of health.

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